Saturday, September 12, 2009


So, I mentioned that I entered Personal Demons in a few contests this summer, just for fun... Just got score sheets back from the second one and I finalled there too. Both judges were published authors and their feedback was awesome. One judge (multi-published and very cool) gave me a perfect score and called me "intimidatingly good". (Can you see my head swelling? Seriously. I'm gonna need a wheelbarrow if it gets any bigger.)

So, I'm gonna brag on myself some more, because she also said, "It’s hilarious, original, incredibly clever, and truly meaningful." And also something about letting her know when it sold and we'd watch it hit the best seller list. From her mouth to God's ears... She put her name on the score sheet and, though I don't really know her, it turns out we're following each other on Twitter, so I just tweeted my thanks.

Maybe I don't suck? Lots of manuscripts out...waiting for the phone to ring... *stares woefully at phone* Any second now...

I'm lecturing in Seattle this week. I love Seattle! And...what's that...? SUN? No way! The weather is beautiful, but I'm stuck in the Embassy Suites ballroom, as usual. Tomorrow they'll let me out to play. Can't wait!

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