Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's just half a glass of water, stupid!

Agent Nathan has a timely post for me today. It’s all about waiting and how we—on the waiting end of things—have no control over the process. For some, this can be extremely nerve-racking. He talks about the “breaking point” were writers start to lose it—checking email every ten second, losing faith in their project.

I have to honestly say that I’ve not reached that point. The biggest part of that is I have a rockstar agent who keeps me in the loop—and thankfully, the loop has been encouraging so far. Another part of it is that I’m writing like a crazy person. Ideas in head. Can’t get onto paper fast enough. Don’t bother with full sentences—too slow.

But, really, I’ve thought a bit about my approach to things lately. People who know my work is on submission to editors ask how it’s going. I don’t have any definitive news, so I get the “no news is good news” comments or “the glass-is-half-full” people telling me I’ll hear soon and then my book is destined for the NYT bestseller list.

What I realized about myself through this whole process is that I’m not a glass-half-full person. But I’m not a glass-half-empty person either. I’m a “It’s half a glass of water, Stupid!” person. It is what it is. Nothing more, nothing less. No new is just no news. Not good or bad.

So where do you fall?


  1. I'm waiting, too. My book went out on submission last week. And I've definitely been a bit distracted at times. Yes, no news is just no news. I'm focusing on a big revision of another novel. That helps. Good luck with your submission. I hope you here good news soon. News that fills your glass to the brim and spills over.

  2. That was a great post Nathan put up. I definitely smiled thinking about it. Waiting is so hard! Keeping the faith, keeping busy, and banding together with other writers is the way to get through :)

  3. Great attitude, Lisa. I agree, no news is just no news. But at the same time - your book rocks, so there will be good news on the horizon, I've no doubt!

    And when my book was on submission I was a total basketcase; definitely part of the check email every five minutes, despair when no new messages club.

  4. Paul--

    Keep me posted on your news! Fingers crossed!


    Thanks for all your encouragement! You rock!


    You had no reason to worry. Your books rock. I'm on chapter 3 of WOLFSBANE and loving it.

  5. I had to laugh when reading this because I just updated my bio section and wrote that I am a glass half full type of girl.
    Life is full of possibilities. I see it as this-when the glass if half full there is room to add more to my cup.

    Great blog post.


  6. Marybeth--

    I think everyone has a strategy that works for them. I think, for me, having no expectations makes it easier to roll with the punches. I see those possibilites too, and I obviously hope for the best, I just try not to expect it.