Monday, February 7, 2011

What would I do without Suzie?

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my truly fabulous agent, Suzie Townsend? No? Well, I do.

I posted a few weeks ago on the art of critiquing. It’s sooo important for any writer to have someone they trust read their work and give them feedback. But, I also think it’s really important for an author to have an industry professional in their corner. I know how lucky I am to have found Suzie.

Each individual agent has their own style. Some are much more hands on: critiquing, revising, editing with their authors before the manuscripts go to editors. Others leave that process up to the editors. My seriously cool editor, Melissa, has no idea that I’m totally clueless because Suzie makes my manuscripts work before they ever get to her. Then Melissa has even more great suggestions on how to make the manuscript even better, so by the time they get turned into books and in your hands, I have everyone totally fooled into thinking I know what I’m doing.

So, The Novel Formerly Known as Hellbent that I was all giddy about? After looking over Suzie’s notes, not so much anymore. But I’m getting giddy again with the revisions I’m working on for her. Whether you believe in luck or fate, thank something for me that I found Suzie!

Off to revise some more!

Did I mention I love my agent?

More on finding the perfect agent later this week. Maybe even tomorrow. Maybe.


  1. Awwww, I'm glad she's a really good agent for you. I want to query her someday :)

  2. It sounds like Suzie is super popular these days. Hannah Moskowitz is how I first heard about her...she'd be a wonderful agent if I was ever lucky enough to get one. Some day soon I'll be querying though!

  3. First: OMG love the new banner!

    Second: You give me too much credit. You are brilliant :)

  4. *sigh* Someday, I want to be able to write a post like this about my super-awesome-agent-person. :-)

  5. First, I'm finally getting around to reading Personal Demons (I'm like the last person on the planet, I know), and LOVING it! I am totally on team Luc. ;)

    Ahem, second, I am lucky enough to have an agent who isn't exactly editorial, but helps me to figure out where I'm going wrong. Is it sad that I can't wait for the day I have an editor to correct me, too? :)

    Good luck with Hellbent!