Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Original Sin EPIC Giveaway Winner!!!

First...if you're in the San Diego area, I'll totally love you forever if you come out to Mysterious Galaxy to see me on Friday at 7pm. Yes, I know it's Harry Potter night, and honestly, I'd be at Harry Potter if I wasn't signing. But I am, and I already have my book, so I'd really love to sign some to other people too. So, here's the deal, you should go to the midnight show on Thurs night/Fri morning so you'll be free to come to Mysterious Galaxy at 7! Best of both worlds! ;p

Next...I have some AMAZING Personal Demons Book 3 (The Novel Formerly Known as Hellbent) news! We HAVE A TITLE!!!! But I'm not telling yet... You know me. I have to tease. It's in my blood. What I can tell you is that my stupendous critique partner, Andrea Cremer (Nightshade) gets the credit for coming up with it :p

And, I'm having a massive guilt attack. I've neglected my blog for a week--something I haven't done since its creation back in summer of 2009. But, I've had good reason. First, I'm wrapping up revisions on The Novel Formerly Known as Hellbent, and also, I was super busy meeting so many of you out on the road! Thanks to everyone who came out for the After Dark Tour! Leah, Courtney and I really appreciate it! Here's us at the Original Sin launch event at Books of Wonder in NYC!

FinePrint/Nancy Coffee Lit came out in force and so did Tor Teen! I couldn't have a better group of people in my corner!

On Wednesday we wrapped up the tour at the Barnes & Noble in Burlington, MA. I was totally impressed with the group that turned out at both events!

And...I sent out a challenge. I asked you for pictures of Original Sin in the wild, and you responded! Here are just a few:

Courtesy of @StormyWolf147                                                  Courtesy of Jillian

(And can I just mention that I LOVE that my humble little book is shelved next to my fabulous critique partner's Nightshade :p)

Everyone who Tweeted or Facebooked their picture was entered in my EPIC giveaway for all this:

That's signed copies of both books, an iPod with the playlist for the entire trilogy, and swag!

And the winner, as chosen by the randomizer, with this picture:



Congrats! You'll be hearing from me very soon! =)

Thanks so much to everyone who's been here over the last few months! I love hearing from all of you. Please continue to send pictures of OS and PD in the wild if you see them! (Cuz it makes me all tingly inside to see them! :p)

Love you guys!

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