Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Angel Eyes!! (aka: German Personal Demons)

I've always wanted to go to Germany, but so far, I haven't made it.

But now my book has! The German edition of Personal Demons releases today! Germany was my very first foreign sale. As a matter of fact, when I got the call from my truly fabulous agent that Rowohlt had pre-empted the Personal Demons trilogy, I didn't even know we were on foreign submission, so it was a huge and very happy surprise. I'm thrilled that they've put my baby in such a pretty package!

Now I just need to find someone who speaks German to read it to me =) So, happy birthday Angel Eyes! Squeee!!! If any of you are in Germany and see it on the shelves, snap a shot for me!


  1. Wow! Beautiful cover and interesting title change!! I just finished reading both Personal Demons and Original Sin this past week, and I LOVED both of them. I'm not actually sure what Team I am, though, because Gabe and Luc are both so amazing!!!!

  2. It's a very pretty cover. Congrats. I feel your excitement! I also love your picture of Germany. It looks so magical. I just can't fathom how Personal Demons turned into Angel Eyes?!? LOL...

  3. Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Congratulations! I don't have a book store in my area, but if I see it when I do past one, I'll tweet it :-)

    I love the castles in Germany. There are a couple in my area and my grandparents live near one. But when I see them, sometimes all I think of is the heating bill LOL.

  4. Happy German book birthday!!! I'll be in Berlin at the end of the month, so I'll keep an eye out - and say hello to all the lovely Germans for you. :)