Monday, November 28, 2011

Achtung Baby!

Since this just posted on German Amazon, I'm deciding it's okay to share it here.

Here is the German cover of Original Sin, or as they're titling it, Im Bann der Dunkelheit, which translates into The Curse of Darkness.

What do you think? In case you forgot, here's the German cover of Between Heaven and Hell, or Personal Demons.

I think they'll look really nice side by side on my bookshelf =)

Hope all you American readers had a happy Thanksgiving! Things here are settling down so I'll be around more. I've missed you! I think I have to give away more books to let you know how much. And, if you're still waiting on a book, I promise I'll get to the post office this week. =)


  1. Hi, my name is Nicole I´m from germany. I´m already looking forward to the second Part of "Angel Eyes". I very much liked the cover of the first part and I think, that also the cover of the second part ist wonderfull :)

    I think they'll look really nice side by side on my bookshelf, too !!!!

  2. They look beautiful! Those covers would grab my attention right away in a bookstore.