Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm featured in GalleyCat!

So, I was in the middle of Original Sin revisions when I got the link to this from Colleen Lindsay on Twitter. The German deal is obviously nothing I didn’t know already, but it's in GalleyCat! Yay! This is so fun! (or funny looking if you look at the picture)

This makes me want to do that.-->

My German editor, Katharina, left a very nice comment on my post about the deal. I can’t wait to work with her. =)

Now I'm gonna go have one of these to celebrate.

What’s your big news?


  1. That is awesome! Congratulations!!! And, uh...can I please eat one of those cupcakes?

  2. Thanks everyone! Cupcakes all around! :p

  3. Oh my gosh, congratulations! That is amazing news.

  4. Yay! Congrats :) It feels a little more real now :)

  5. Hola, have a present for you over at my blog! Happy Friday!

  6. LiLa and Suzie--Thanks!

    Annika--Saw that! Thanks!