Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Whew! I've been so busy with book events and copyedits that I almost forgot to announce the winners of the EPIC 666 FOLLOWERS give-away! Yes, you read that right: WINNERS! As in FOUR!

To remind you, each winner will receive the following:
$10 Amazon, Barnes&Noble or Borders gift card (winner's choice)
A signed copy of Personal Demons or Personal Demons CD audio book (winners choice)
A Personal Demons tank top
Signed Personal Demons bookmarks
Team Luc and Team Gabe temporary tattoos (side note: It appears that Luc and Gabe are marking souls via these tattoos. Some people say that the Luc tattoos come off easier; others say the Gabe tattoos come off easier. You be the judge. O.O)
Assorted Halloween candy
There were a bazillion entries (well, not really, but it felt like it when I was counting them all up) and FOUR lucky winners were chosen using the randomizer.
So, without further adieu, the winners are:

Book Junkies



Caitlin (Scarrlet Reader)

Congrats to all the winners! Thanks to everyone who entered! If you didn't win, never fear! There are two additional contests running on the blog as we speak! You have one more day to enter my Bonus Debut Contest for a chance to win signed copies of Firelight by Sophie Jordan and Personal Demons, and my November Debut Contest just posted yesterday. Enter to win signed copies of Ally Condie's Matched and Personal Demons.

Good luck!