Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You guys are a little weird, but I love you anyway

So, I got some questions in the comments on my October Debut Contest that I thought I take a few minutes to answer. Some of them are intriging, others funny and still others are just weird. I love you guys.
So here they are...

Jen7waters: Question: is your heroine Frannie inspired in somebody? (maybe not the whole character, but just some personality trait?) - just curious :)
Actually, none of my characters where inspired by any one person. There are elements of almost everyone I’ve ever met in all of them.

Anne: What is something about your series that may surprise your readers?
If I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore :p

Erika: how did you come up with the idea for Personal Demons?
It started when I was reading a bio for one of my favorite bands, Saving Abel. They said they got their name from the biblical story of Cain and Abel where it says, “There was no saving Abel.” The name, Lucifer Cain popped into my head and it occurred to me that would be a really fun (and very cliché) name for a demon.

Katie: I have yet to read Personal Demons, but I was wondering how you felt about your cover? I've heard mixed things about it and was wondering what you thought.
I like the concept, and Cliff Nielsen did a great job with the artwork. Gabe and his wings are beautiful. I think everyone agrees that the models are a little old for high school, though, and I wish Frannie was in a little bit more girlish pose. (less thrusty)

Elzahh: I was wondering, you've said what gave you inspiration for the character's Frannie and Luc, but what inspired the character Gabe?
I’ve mentioned in my Character Week posts the musical inspiration for all my main characters. For Gabe, it was Ryan Star’s Breath.

: I would like to ask you something, I don't know if you've already been asked this, but what is the most annoying question you've received, or you are receiving about your books?
This one. Joking. =) I don’t find any questions annoying. I’m happy to answer anything you want to ask!

Kristi: Is there a specific reason you chose a Black Shelby Cobra GT500? Besides the fact that it's an awesome ride? Love Grandpa's answer to Frannie’s question about what the Devil would drive!
I didn’t choose it, Luc did :p You’ll find that I had fun with clichés in this book. Everything from the way my demon and angel look, to their names, to what they drive screams demon or angel. My thought was, if demons and angels really walked the earth, looking for souls to tag for Heaven and Hell, would we recognize them for what they were if the looked and acted exactly as we’d expect them to? Probably not.

Png: do you see any visions of Personal Demons being made into a tv series or a movie?
Funny you should ask that. I'm writing what's called "coverage" for Personal Demons right now. It’s a one page synopsis that goes to movie execs. We've got some interested, but no movie deal at this point. Here’s who I picked for the lead roles.

Fairy whispers: what makes book covers make u pick them up?
For me, it’s mystery. They have to intrigue me and make me HAVE to know what the book is about. I’m not a big fan of characters on covers, ironically.

Thanks for the questions, guys! If you're in the Indianapolis area, I'm signing at the Borders on 82nd Street tomorrow from 7-9! Come see me!


  1. This was really fun, Lisa! I'm glad you shared the questions and answers with us! :-)

  2. Awesome Q's and A's! Hope you don't mind me tacking on another question but...

    I'm in process of writing a novel centered around demons and I was wondering if you had any advice as far as researching. Did/do you research? Any sites or books that you think might be helpful on demons? Or is winging it the best way to go?