Monday, January 3, 2011

December Debut and SECOND EVER Original Sin ARC winner!

Happy 2011 everyone! Hope your New Year has gotten off to a bang!

Mine started with this: 

That’s an envelope that was delivered by UPS onto my front steps while I was away. Had they left it on the actual front porch, which has an overhang, it would have stayed dry, but I guess that was too much to hope for. So it was very, very wet. And so was everything inside, which turned out to be my Polish contracts. O_O

They are now very wrinkly—and that’s after I dried and ironed them. I hope my lovely Polish publisher won’t hold it against me.

What was not on my porch was my box of Original Sin ARCs =( I was expecting it to be there when I got home on Thursday, and now I’m a little worried they’re off in post-holiday UPS limbo-land somewhere. Fingers crossed that they get here sometime today.

So much for all my UPS related lamenting. Now for the reason you’re all here: BOOKS! One of those lost-in-transition ARCs was up for grabs along with a copy of Personal Demons, in my December Debut Contest. Thanks for all your enthusiasm! There were so many entries I broke the randomizer! (Kidding—but there were a lot!) This is a little bit sad for me, because it’s no longer my debut year, so December’s contest is my very last Debut Contest. I’ve had fun running my monthly contests, and will have plenty this year too, but the Debut Contest are special to me, and I’ll miss sponsoring them.

So, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

The winner of the December Debut and Second Ever Original Sin ARC Contest is:

Tawni Ann!!!



  1. :) congrads Tawni!! enjoy ! :)

  2. Oh no! I'm so sorry about UPS and those contracts.

    Congrats to Tawni! OS is AMAZING!

  3. The picture of your UPS envelope made me laugh out loud--poor contracts! Hope your package arrives safely :)

  4. I hope 2011 is as wonderful for you as 2010, Lisa. You are awesomesauce! :-)

  5. Awh, that stinks about your package and your books. Hope they get there soon!

    And congratulations, Tawni :)

  6. I was just reading on Suzie's blog that PD was her first sale! That must be so freaking cool.

    Congrats Tawni!

  7. Yikes!!! Nothing worse then trying to dry paper!!

    Congrats to the winner. EnjoY!!

  8. Oh no! It must have been super hard to try to dry those papers.
    Congrats, Tawni!

  9. I Hope The ARC's arrive safe and sound.

    Congrats Tawni!

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