Friday, January 21, 2011

The Most EPIC fan gift!

This is a late post today, but one of my readers just gave me the most EPIC gift and I wanted to share the love. Katie at Call Me Crazy YA Book Reviews (@CallMeCrazy on Twitter) is part of the Personal Demons Twitter Mafia (along with Momo at @BooksOverBoys). She just posted this on her blog:

I love music, and I love Frannie, Gabe and Luc, so this is perfect. It's especially fitting because a few of these songs are on the Original Sin and The Novel Formerly Known as Hellbent playlists. Check it out. :p


  1. NOOOOO freakin'FLIPPIN'way! Some of The Maine songs made it onto the playlist?! :) EEEEEK! I might just faint! WOW! That is soooooo freakin' mind-blowing! AAAH! Me and Katie were just talking about that, like what if! Ah, it happened! They're in the books, lol! WOOOW! *__*

  2. OMG! This is SO amazing! I'm flipping out over here! I'm so excited that The Maine is on their playlists!! Ahhhhh! This is just so awesome!! Ah! This like made my life! lol! :D