Friday, March 5, 2010

PERSONAL DEMONS release date!

I've been waiting.

It's something that you have to get used to in publishing. The thing about that is, patience is a virtue I seem to be seriously lacking. I'm an instant gratification sort of person. I WANT STUFF NOW! When I think about why waiting is so tough, it really boils down to control and keeping busy. When I hand my project off to someone else, I have no control, and it's maddening. So maddening, in fact, that I can't focus enough to work productively on other projects and I end up obsessing and pulling my hair out.

But those of you in the publishing mill know that things tend to move slowly. You write your book and submit to agents. Then wait.

An agent takes you on and submits your book to publishers. And you wait.

A publisher buys your book. And you wait.

You wait for your editorial letter. (Though, my seriously cool editor was rocket fast with mine.)

You wait for your contract. (Just got mine yesterday. Here's me signing! Yay!!)

You wait for your cover art. *drums fingers and blows out a sigh*

Your copy edits. *folds arms across chest and taps toe*

Your pub date. *clenches teeth and wonders what the…*

What…? I have a pub date? REALLY!!!

So, I'm waiting for one less thing now. =) The official (but may possibly change) release date for Personal Demons is SEPTEMBER 14, 2010!!! Yay!

I was going to put a ticker on my blog but Sprout, who does all the cool publishing tickers, just went out of business =( Trying to figure out Widgetbox. Ticker coming soon!

Still, it's very exciting, and each step makes it feel a little more real. But I'm still dying to see what they come up with for a cover. *bites nails*

So, I'm passing the time working on Original Sin. My crit partner and agent have it and they're always spot-on with their feedback, so I can't wait to see what they say. My contract for Original Sin (that I just signed! *throws confetti*) says the delivery date is June 1, so that gives me some time to smooth out the rough spots.

What are you waiting for? Something special? Like, maybe my March Debut Contest? Some amazing YA debuts this month! Don't miss your chance to win one!


  1. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! I can't wait till Sept 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yay Lisa! I love love love the concept of your book Personal Demons! 6 more months to go! :)

  3. I love the picture of you signing your contract!

    SEPTEMBER 14!!!! So. Exciting :)

  4. Congrats!! I can't wait to pick up a copy!

  5. Excellent news! I'll be waiting....

  6. Congrats! Sept. would be a perfect date for me since that's when I get all my b-day $ to spend.
    Now I just can't wait to see the cover which I'm sure is going to be amazing!

  7. Congratulations!!! Really looking forward to reading it :)

  8. Reggie, Precious, Tracy and Tricia--
    Doesn't waiting suck. =)

    Suzie and Andrea--
    You guys rock!!

    Can't think of a better way to spend those BD $ =)


  9. I guess I know where I'll be on September 14! So exciting!!!

  10. Sarah--
    Be serious! Your news is EXCITING!!! Mine is exciting. See difference. Welcome to Macmillan!! Yay!!!!!!!

  11. Very cool on the date! Congrats!!

    And it's so true that all you do is wait in this business.

  12. Elana--
    And, in the grand scheme of thing, my publication experience is flying. Nothing you can do about the waiting, even when it's going fast.

  13. EVERYONE is talking about Personal Demons. Everyone! :) I bumped into some people from Tor and we just talked about how awesome your book is for 20 minutes straight! September 14, 2010--the date that will shake the world of YA Urban Fantasy!

  14. OMG and actual release date!!! I think I just passed out for a second. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  15. LiLa--
    Thanks guys! I'm still waiting for the big announcement that Sourcebooks is moving up Pemberly! They have to. Everybody wants it NOW!