Monday, February 14, 2011

15 Original Sin ARCs up for grabs!

Happy Valentines Day!! Spread the VD love. know what I mean...

I'm currently possessed by my WIP, and Luc's not even in it, so I can't blame him. But...I have some fun news if you're interested in reading Original Sin, which Luc definitely is in ;p

You have three different ways of entering to win one of 15 Original Sin ARCs through Go here for deets.

Good luck!!!


  1. Hah! I've been saying happy VD to people all day. LOL. I'll bet Kylie would love an ARC of OS. I'll send her over after school today.

  2. I just entered!! Can't wait to read it, whether it's in July, or sooner!

  3. O-M-G!!! I would kill for one of these. I am outta here! :-)

  4. DYING! Just finished Personal Demons, and it's love! Must go enter NOW!!