Friday, April 20, 2012

Another Last Rite winner!

I was hanging out with awesome librarians and teens at the Texas Library Association conference this week (pics to come) and didn't get a chance to check in until today. I have to say, the Team Luc/Team Gabe results surprise me a little. Gabe is winning some of you over, which makes my heart happy. I love him and writing from his POV in Last Rite nearly broke my heart. So, for those of you who got the comment point for answering the question, the results were: *drumroll*

Team Luc: 50%                                                                              Team Gabe: 50%

That's right! An exactly even split! I'll be asking the question again after you've read Last Rite, because with Gabe's POV, I'm thinking a few more minds may be swayed. ;p

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to read Gabe's very first POV in the Personal Demons trilogy and enter to win your own copy of Last Rite and also Under the Never Sky by the lovely Veronica Rossi. Putting y'all in the randomizer...

And the winner of a signed copy of Original Sin is...


The winner of signed copies of all of this:


The Story Queen!!!

Congrats to the winners! On Monday another contest for Last Rite starts, and you can also win a signed copy of Legend by Marie Lu! Check back Monday to enter!


  1. Congrats to the winners. What happened to the I am team both votes? :))

  2. HOORAY! :D Ahh, that's so exciting! I didn't even see this until now. Should I e-mail you? I don't know if you sent one to me but if you have, it seems my inbox ate it (it tends to do that).


  3. Yay! I'm so excited. I never win anything so this has made my evening! Thanks!