Saturday, July 31, 2010

Actors Needed: Personal Demons Casting Call

I need to know who you would choose to play Frannie, Luc and Gabe in a Personal Demons movie. Keep in mind that they need to be teens.

If you haven't read the Personal Demons excerpts you can find them here.

I'm leaning toward Lucas Till for Gabe:

and Logan Lerman for Luc:

The FinePrint film guy is thinking Chloe Mortez for Frannie:

I like her or maybe Dakota Fanning.

What do you think????


  1. I'd so totally be the first in line to watch the movie if they all starred in Personal Demons. :) Chloe and Dakota are both great actresses.

  2. I DEFINITELY agree with the boys--and Dakota Fanning would make an awesome Frannie. She's pretty in a simple way, but she's also got a great attitude. =)

  3. I like Dakota Fanning! ;)

  4. I'm so for Lucas Till and Logan Lerman ! And I haven't even read the book yet :D


  5. I'd agree with all of them except for Dakota Fanning. Just my opinion, but it seems like every light haired and light eyed character people think of Dakota Fanning. I like Aaron Johnson as well for Luc or SophieAnn Robb for Frannie and Nicholas Hoult for Gabe. Obviously it now looks like I have no life and spend my days on IMDB...

  6. I'm all for Logan Lerman for Luc!! (although initially I suggested Jared Leto, who appears to be a bit older...:p)

  7. I'm not too sure about either Dakota or Chloe for Frannie. (just finished reading the excerpts) but I can totally see Lucas and Logan for Gabe & Luc. I think Hayden Panettiere would make a pretty good Frannie.

  8. I love the choices of Lucas and Dakota.

  9. Okay i am going to go a bit different on the cast here. I know to keep in mind that they will be playing teens and I believe these actors and actress have a few more years of that in them. Oh, and I am assuming they can all pull off american accents.

    Franny: Talulah Riley
    Luc: Tom Sturridge
    Gabe: Alex Pettyfer

  10. I jumped on this post because I adore this casting game and play it all the time with my characters.

    I LOVE your picks and Logan was also my pick for my guy MC. Another option for Luc is Hunter Parish from the HBO show WEEDS.

    Did you have trouble finding blond male teen actors? I totally did.

  11. LOGAN and LUCAS!!! but not dakota fanning please! chloe mortez is so much better!!!

  12. I love Logan as Luc! Perfect! Like some others, I hope Frannie is not Dakota. I'm sorry but there's just something about her I don't like and it would ruin the movie for me.