Monday, March 12, 2012

Last Rite sneak peek and ARC giveaway!

Hey, y'all! You want a sneak peek at the first chapter of Last Rite?? Well, Tor Teen's Facebook page has an exclusive preview here. Warning: there are spoilers for Original Sin, so read at your own risk ;p

If you'd like a shot at winning a signed Last Rite ARC of your very own, here's your next opportunity. And, because I love you, I'll throw in a signed copy of Juliet Immortal by the fabulous miss Stacy Jay. A runner up will receive a signed copy of Original Sin. =)

To enter, all you have to do is comment below and tell me which you'd choose, a gorgeous glowing guardian angel who would do ANYTHING to protect you, or a hot (in all conceivable ways) demon who is changed by love. You must be 13 or older to enter. Extra entries can be accumulated as follows:
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Entries from last weeks contest DO NOT carry over, so be sure to enter here. Add up your points in your comment, please, because my math sucks. Also, leave me a way to contact you if you WIN! Contest closes Friday March 16th at 12 noon, PST. Winners will be chosen by the randomizer and posted here that afternoon. There will be a new contest for signed copies of Last Rite and other signed books (think Holly Black, John Green, Beth Revis) every Monday between now and May 7th, so don't forget to check back every Monday to enter!


  1. Oh, this is a difficult decision because when I think of Luc - he makes Hell look really attractive and of course, girls are always attracted to the bad boy ;) Also, a guardian angel who will do anything to protect you? Also SWOON...

    Ok, I've made my decision - I'm going with the demon. My love for Luc is just way too strong!

    Thank you for the contest :)))

    I follow the blog and on twitter and I like the facebook page so 3 points :)


  2. I'm totally for the hot demon. Because, well, Luc could make anyplace hot (bad pun, couldn't help it!).

    Anyhow, I follow the blog, twitter, and facebook = 3pts!

    mrs.which (at)

  3. Follow this blog: +1 brandileigh2003
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  4. Oh my gosh, Luc, hands down! I can't wait to read Last Rite and thank you for the giveaway, Lisa!

    Follow the blog +1
    Follow on Twitter +1 (fadeintofantasy)
    Like the FB page +1 (theresamcole)


  5. I'm going against the grain here, but for once, I think I like the good guy better. Or at least, the guy who's seemingly better for our heroine. So, smoldering angel it is. :)

    GFC follower: starryeyedjen +1
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    Retweeted you:!/starryeyedjen +1
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    4 points


  6. I'd definitely choose Luc over Gabe. Though Gabe is an angel, his morals will only take him so far. Luc on the other hand...well...he can be as hot as he wants too. :-)

    I follow the Blog +1
    Liked the Facebook page +1(therealtarafouts)
    Follow on Twitter (tarafouts)
    Posted to Twitter (!/tarafouts/status/179266994917482496)

    So that's...4 points! !

  7. I'd rather go with the demon!

    Followed the blog: +1
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    "Like" on Facebook page +1

    Total: 4 points!


  8. I would choose the gorgeous glowing guardian Gabe :) Hehe crazy alliteration there. I am not cut out to be with a sexy demon, unfortunately. besides, an angel would have less drama!

    GFC: Arianne Cruz
    twitter: @ariannecruz07
    Liked on Facebook: Arianne Cruz
    total points: 4

  9. Im in with the angle. i get into enough trouble without any extra help.!/LisaDez/status/179263961470992384
    twitter follow.@stacielpuett


  10. I would much rather be loved than protected!

    GFC: Pamela Steinke
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    Liked on Facebook

    Total points - 4

  11. I think I'd choose Gabriel though I'm not entirely sure.
    GFC: mishi72 +1
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    Follow me on Twitter (@LisaDez): +1

    Total: 3

  12. That is really a hard one to answer. I think in all honesty I'd go with the angel because I want to be safe but the demon would be so much fun. Angel :). +1

    Re-Tweeted:!/LisaDez/status/179263961470992384 +1

    GFC as Victoria Sloboda +1
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    Total - 5


  13. a hot (in all conceivable ways) demon who is changed by love

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  14. Can I choose both? No? OK, then it's the angel. I don't know why, by yeah, Gabe would rock my world!
    email firstnamelastname at gmail dot com

    Thank you!

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  16. Demon! I love guys who change by love.
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    Total: 4

    Email: z.mestre16(at)gmail(dot)com

  17. So hard to choose but I think I would pick demon.
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    +1 facebook: Rae Pavey

    TOTAL: 3

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  18. Im probably one of the few who would chose Gabe! I just feel like, maybe possibly, the good guy should win (Which probably means he wont hehe)

    ollow this blog: +1
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    3 total! :-)


  19. I'd pick Gabe over Luc :)

    Follow this blog: +1
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    "Like" the Personal Demons Books Facebook page +1 Bree

  20. I'd say the hot demon changed by love.

    +1 blog follower
    +1 twitter follower @elaing8
    +1 tweet!/elaing8/status/179383286831906816

    total 4

  21. It would be nice to have the angel but I feel like it wouldn't last because it wouldn't be a challenge. Besides, I always fall for the bad boy.

    Twitter- @emma015
    GFC- Jessy
    Facebook- Jessy Boz

    Findjessyhere at mail dot com

  22. Way too hard to choose... but I feel like if the girl is strong enough to whip the bad boy into shape, he'll be even sweeter than the already nice guy would be... But maybe I'm way off base lol.

    +1 GFC: Nicole Mainardi
    +1 Twitter: @nicole_mainardi
    +1"Like" the Personal Demons Books FB page: Nicole Mainardi

    Total: 3, I think

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!! Can't wait to read Last Rite :)

    1. Forgot my e-mail! nicoleloveskyle2(at)aim(dot)com

  23. I'd have to go with door number two,the hot demon. ;D

    +1 Twitter:TheSwampFaerie
    +1 Facebook:Jodie Cory

  24. Probably a demon changed by love, because angels aren't allowed to love, so that would be a problem...cause, you know, love can get kinda physical. ;)

    I follow the blog, the facebook page, and follow you on twitter. :D


  25. I'm thinking the angel. I'm hoping to find love with a human, haha, so having someone to protect me would be awesome! I mean, hopefully I wouldn't need protection too often, but it would be nice not to have to worry about it!

    Follow this blog: +1
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    TOTAL: 4


  26. Gorgeous glowing guardian angel all the way :D

    +1 Following this blog: @Maidenveil
    +1 Twitter follower: @readerhappy
    +1 Tweeted:!/readerhappy/status/179431392302727168
    +1 Liked FB page: Maiden Veil

    -Len of Musings of a Reader Happy

  27. I did actually retweet you as well so can I have an extra point for that? Making it 4?

  28. HOT, Demon all the way!!

    Follow blog +1
    Twitter follow +1 @silverlight00
    Like Fb page +1 Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Reviews & Goodies
    Retweet +1!/torteen/status/179587317416210432


    e-mail Pnrurbfantasyreview(@)hotmail(.)com


  29. Definitely the hot demon changed by love! Ha ha ... great question!

  30. I think I'd have to go with the protective angel!

    +1 - Follow blog
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    +1 FB share link:

    +1 'Liked' FB page

    email: stephward84(at)hotmail(dot)com

  31. I'd definitely have to go with Luc. That Hot Demon has totally captured my heart.

    Extra entries: +3

  32. Oh, this is difficult. As much as I love the glowing angel, I have to choose the demon because there's just something about the bad boy!

    +1 - Blog follower - Carla
    +1 - Twitter follower - @c_cass189
    +1 - Tweeted -!/c_cass189/status/179629786702938113

    Total: 4

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    cjmfnobrega AT gmail DOT com

  33. What a tough decision! Can't I have both? If forced to choose, I think I'd go with the demon. I can't resist a bad boy! Thanks for the chance to win!



    +2 for me

  34. Hot demon has to be my choice!

  35. Oh k I love Gabe but I'm 100% Team Luc! <3 I would choose a hot demon changed by love any day ;-) Thanks for another awesome giveaway!

    Follow this blog: Crystal +1
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    Tweet:!/MadiganHeart/status/179660085340016640 +1
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    Total Points: +4

  36. I would choose the gorgeous angel, bad boys just don't really do it for me :P
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  37. I'm a sucker for bad boys. Luc all the way.

    And I am checking now to make sure I am following you on Twitter 'cause if I'm not...that is a horrible oversight.

  38. It's a tough decision, but I am Team Luc!

    +1 for following the blog
    +1 for following you on Twitter


  39. I'd choose Gabe :) He's my favourite!

    I Follow this blog: +1
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    I "Like" the Personal Demons Books Facebook page (With Ambur Hostyn): +1

    Total entries = 5 (1 for comment +4 extra)

    Thanks for the giveaway! :D

  40. Thank you for this awesome giveaway :D Hmm, I think I would choose Luc :)
    +1 comment
    +1 I follow this blog as Carina Olsen :)
    Love, Carina ~

  41. I EXTREMELY want Last Rite! Thanks for the giveaways a million times! :D

    +1 for commenting
    +1 for having liked the FB page

    +2 in all! :)

  42. Oh wow I didn't even answer the question. I would choose the hot demon changed by love specially for me. <3 Luc!

  43. I would pick Luc! :D

    Follow the Blog via GFC: Kaity Wells +1

    Twitter@ katiewatanabe +1

    Facebook: Kaitlynne Watanabe +1

    3 total!

    shadowkatt2011 [at] aim [dot] com

  44. Oh, definitely the demon. He's smoldering!

    +1 GFC follwer as oreo_93
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    +1 spread the word:!/WulfLuva93/status/180272118557192192

    Total: 3 (or with comment, 4);)

  45. I would definitely chose Gabe he's a gorgeous glowing guardian angel who would do anything to protect me and also we still really don't know much about him, he comes and goes - so he has that mysterious factor too him as well.

    I follow this blog: +1
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    Total: 5

  46. That is SUCH a hard choice. I think I would go with the demon. Isn't that the best of both worlds, a little bit of wicked but being changed by love makes you a little bit good too. Yumm all around!

    I already follow this blog +1
    I already follow you on twitter +1
    and I already like the facebook page +1

    Thanks for the contest, can't wait for Last Rite!


  47. I've read the first two books and I'm still torn but I'm going to have to go with the hot demon (Team Luc!).

    Follow this blog: +1
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    Total: 5

    Crystal F

  48. Awesome contest!

    And guardian angel, all the way! Gabe won my heart when he first appeared in Personal Demons. :D

    Follow on Twitter: +1 (@EmilySterner_)
    "Like" the Personal Demons Books Facebook page: +1

    Total: 2

  49. Follow this blog: +1 (mromero)
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    Total: 5
    mromero2012 AT gmail DOT com

  50. I would love to win both these books! I would choose Luc. He is so hot and sexy and I just cannot resist his bad boy demon charm. =)
    Follow this blog: +1
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    "Like" the Personal Demons Books Facebook page +1 (Kassandra Hassan)


  51. I would most likely prefer a gorgeous, glowing guardian angel who would do ANYTHING to protect me! I love romance and slight possessiveness---not to mention ultra-desire to protect me from my partner. And how could I resist angel wings? And goodness? Love it!

    As for my extra entries:

    1. Follow your blog: via GFC & Networked Blogs (ZaraAlexis & Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez) = +1
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    5. Comment = +1


    Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez

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