Monday, March 5, 2012

Last Rite giveaways because I love you and I love Spring!

I LOVE this time of year. Everything's coming back to life. Here's my apricot tree:

Here's the almond orchard near my house:

Here's my daughter, who's graduating this spring:

And you know what else is coming alive this spring? Yep! Last Rite! The end of the Personal Demons trilogy is here. This makes me both very happy and a little sad. It's been over a year since I wrote this book and I miss Frannie, Luc and Gabe every day. I've written and fallen in love with many characters since writing them, but they'll always have a special place in my heart.

So, to celebrate Spring and the birth of my book baby, Last Rite, I'll be holding weekly contest in which you can win a signed copy (ARC or finished) between now and Last Rite's release on May 8th. Here's your first chance to win, and because I love you sooo much, I'm throwing in a prize for a runner up. The runner up will receive this poster, signed by all four authors (one of which happens to be my fab critique partner :p).

To enter, all you have to do is comment below and tell me what your favorite season is and why. You must be 13 or older to enter. Extra entries can be accumulated as follows:
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Add up your points in your comment, please, because my math sucks. Also, leave me a way to contact you if you WIN! Contest closes Friday March 9th at 12 noon, PST. Winners will be chosen by the randomizer and posted here that afternoon. There will be a new contest for signed copies of Last Rite and other signed books (think Holly Black, Andrea Cremer, Beth Revis) every Monday between now and May 7th, so don't forget to check back every Monday to enter!


  1. Fall is my favorite season! I love the cool air and beautiful colors. It's perfect for a hike and walking on the river walk. I use to like Spring too, but now we keep getting tornadoes, so boo on Spring.
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  2. Spring is my favorite season! It gets warmer, the flowers bloom, everything turns vivid green from the rain. Love it!

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    +4 (5 total?)

  3. Fall of course, mostly because I love all the colors of fall the crispness in the air. Every time I walk outside on a fall day I'm flooded with memories of times past. So heartwarming. AND its of course the season with my favorite holiday, Halloween... No way any other season can top that.

    +1 Facebook like.

  4. Winter is my favorite season. Some people think it's depressing with all the dead looking trees and how cold it is. But I find when the snow comes and covers all those bare limbs and the ground, there is a beautiful world to be enjoyed. Plus when it's a full moon it's almost as bright as day, much brighter than during a summer full moon since there's not snow then.

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  5. Autumn or "fall" is my favourite because it's not too hot and it's not too cold. I love the "fresh" feeling in the air as well as all the beautiful autumn colours of course ;) Autumn to me means cosy nights in as it gets darker quicker and also bonfire night which I wish you guys celebrated too as it's lots of fun!

    Your photo's are gorgeous by the way!

    I'm a follower, you KNOW I follow you on Twitter and I liked the Personal Demons page a long time ago! So glad to see a Last Rite contest as I AM DYING to read it!

  6. My favorite season is winter because I love the snow and hate the heat :). I've always lived in the northeast because I like winter so much.
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  7. I love spring. Everything is bright and new and full of possibility. I love sitting under a clear, blue sky, basking in the warmth of the sun on a spring day. It reminds me of being younger, when the world was my oyster. :)

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    I can't wait to read Last Rite...even though I'm STILL not sure which team to root for. :P

  8. My fav is winter. That is when my guy and I celebrate our wedding anniversary!
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    Total: +2


  9. I pick Summer because i was born during Summer period and i dont have any problem dealing with the heat and those wonderful walks in the beach and the sun and all these sunny days =)

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    Total : 4

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  10. Spring is my favorite season because the weather is great but not too hot. I would say summer usually but I tend to get a little bored doing nothing for so long. :P
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  11. Well I'm a spring or fall person. I just like the moderate temperatures plus the change part appeals to me.

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    Total points = 5

    Thanks for the chance to win it.


  12. My favorite season would be spring. This is because you get to see the earth wake again from its slumber and its beautiful. I sit on my porch in the country and bury myself into a book in which i escape the world i am in and wake inside the book. The warmth and breeze and sun make it so easy to escape. Follow u on twitter 1 point like on facebook 1 point jennifer bare @jenniferbare32 on twitter

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  16. Winter, hands down. I live in Phoenix and endure three months of intense heat for the beautiful weather we have now.

  17. Spring is my favorite season! Perfect temperature, not too cold, not too hot. Beautiful flowers everywhere, blooming trees, the grass is green. Everything starts growing again- Everything is alive again.
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    Thank you for the giveaway!
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  18. Spring is my favorite season. I love that the days get longer and warmer. I love being able to take my boys for walks in the stroller and to go to the park without it being too hot out.

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  19. Winter! I know is cold but a love the colors in that season and night gets here faster and SNOW!! Winter has always giving me a sense of peace.

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    I love Autumn with beautiful colored leaves and Halloween and Thanksgiving....just makes me happy! :)

  21. My favorite is the Spring because of the reemergence of the plants. It's like a new beginning and the flowers that bloom are beautiful. I know it's not part of the question but my least favorite season is Fall/Winter. It's cold and dry and so far, I don't have any good memories of the fall season....
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    total points: 4

  22. Hi there. I enjoy Fall the most. All those colors just leave me breathless! We don't have the 4 seasons in Costa Rica, where I'm from so Fall is a real treat.
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    Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. My favorite season is by far winter ! I love big storms :) I sleep best when there is thunder and lightning !!

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  24. I really like the Spring and Fall as well. I like the changing aspect of those seasons and all the colors. :)

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    Total: 4

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

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  25. I'm definitely a spring person. My birthday, plus warm (not hot) weather and lots of green--all is the best!

    I follow your blog, twitter, and FB pages: 3 points!

  26. My favorite season is summer and probably comes from the fact that I'm in eastern Canada which means really long winters. As the winter drags on I just look forward to being able to wear summery clothes and spend all my time outdoors without freezing.

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    3 extra entries total!

  27. My favorite seaon is Fall! I love the leaves changinging their colors and the cool breeze!:) I just want to say that I love you books and i CANNOT wait any longer to read Last Rite!

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    4 Entries total!

    Thanks for the contest!

  28. I adore Winter season! Everything is so surreal and beautiful. It's like a completely different world outside. I wish we got snow where I'm at, I definitely miss that.

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    4 total!!!
    Thanks so much! :-)


  29. I love winter and snow. I love walking through streets covered in snow and ice (black ice really sucks, though), and how beautiful and peaceful everything looks. I love bundling up in thick jackets before heading out, and wrapping myself in fluffy blankets at night. I hate black ice, and the chore of clearing snow away from our car and doors, but it's all worth it. I love winter :D

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    That's three extra entries - four in total.

    Thanks for the awesome contest!

  30. i love fall because its nice temperature to go and not have to wear thick jackets and theres always color everywhere, the leaves are always so nice..

  31. I LOVE the summer because I'm out of school (yay--no teaching!) and get to float in the lake with a frosty adult beverage. Oh, and write and read a lot!
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    Looking forward to Last Rites!

  32. Fall because of the gorgeous colors!

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    I can't ever decide on my favorite season, but I think I miss spring in the Mid-Atlantic the most. So much green, everywhere, and so many flowers and flowering trees... and let's not forget the cherry blossom festival! *sigh* Definitely miss it.

    +4 (1 for each) for a total of 5!

  34. I enjoy summer because it gives me an excuse to get out of the house. To go swimming, go to the drive in, just walk around. I do hate the mosquitoes though...

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  35. Boo!!! I had to enter all this stuff again because it didn't submit right.

    I love fall because I live in Texas and that's when it's not too hot, too cold, or too muggy. I love the colors of autumn - red, orange, brown - so beautiful compared to your everyday green and yellow.


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    I read it regularly though I don't have an account.

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    Name: Tracy

  36. Despite the fact that my allergies become more crazy during the Spring, I can't help but love that time of year. Not just because tulips are blooming, but because the animals are coming out from hibernation. I love it!

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  37. My favorite season is winter! I love snow and cuddling up to read a book while it snows outside. Also, winter has the best foods and best smells :D

    I follow this blog (Nicole Mainardi): +1
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    I "Like" the Personal Demons Books Facebook page (Nicole Mainardi): +1

    That's 3 all together :) Thanks for the giveaway! I can't wait to read Last Rite.

  38. Thanks for running these and the twitter contests, Lisa!

    My favorite season is Autumn-- I love the colors and that slight chill in the air. I love the smells, the tastes, and the chance to break out my cozy clothes. I wish the world could stay in that season!

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    cib7088 (AT) njit (DOT) edu

  39. I love these contests. People don't realize how good this series really is. That cover just blows me away.


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  40. Oh! AMAZING contest! :D Such great prizes. <3 Thank you so much for being so kind :) Psst, my favorite season is Summer. <3 I love the green outside, and I love the warmth :) Just wish my town had a little more warmth ;p
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    Love, Carina ~

  41. Woot! Thanks for the awesome giveaway, Lisa. I can't wait to read this book!
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    theresa AT fadeintofantasy DOT com

  42. Winter is my favorite season because its a much more family oriented time, as well as quaint and picturesque when it snows.


  43. I live in the South, so Fall would be my favorite. It's still warm, but in a bearable way. Everything is still green, but you actually have a few of those days where it's absolutely perfect weather. Not too hot, not too cold...which is saying a lot when it's always so humid!!

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    Thanks for the chance to win!! I can't wait!!!

  44. My your favorite season is Autumn because that's when the leaves turn different colors yellow, orange and red and when you out in the country it's a very beautiful sight to take in. It's also when it's not too hot out and or too cold yet and most the rainy season has past as well. But it's the leafs that get me everytime, there is just no words how beautiful they truly are.

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    Total: 4

  45. I love summer,everything is in bloom, you don't have to worry about bringing a sweater, and my birthday is during the summer.
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    Total: 5
    mromero2012 AT gmail DOT com

  46. When I lived in New Hampshire it was definitely the fall. All the colors in the trees were just gorgeous. But since then, living in Oregon and then Montana (Who both seem to only have 2 seasons a piece; wet and dry, and cold and warm)I've gotta go with summer. You just can't beat the sunshine.
    +1 for following the blog
    +1 for liking the FB page. :-)

    Total= 2

  47. Hi! In Australia Autumn is March, April and May. I think it is the equivalent to fall. I love this season because it's the time to shed the past-literally! Leaves fall of trees and fly in the nice cool breeze, there are warm days and cool days and all days in-between. Also March is my bday month (21 days left!) so extra reason to love Autumn ;)
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    2 points :D
    Thank you,

  48. I'm actually not sure what my favorite season is anymore. Spring used to be my favorite because that was when the cold started to go away and it was gorgeous outside with everything coming alive again, but now I think it might be summer because I loooooooove the warmth and, well, summer vacation! :)
    +1 for liking the Facebook page!!

    Thanks for these giveaways, can't wait to read Last Rite. I'm so excited!! :D

  49. I love summer!

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    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  50. Follow this blog: +1
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    Total 4

    1. Oh and favorite season is summer. Warm and Sunny!

  51. My favorite season has to be Autumn because I love the cool breezes, Halloween, the changing leaves...everything about the Autumn season is just beautiful and I love it :-)

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    Total: +4 points

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!! Can't wait to read
    Last Rite <3

  52. Not sure if the comment counts as an entry but if so than my total is +5 points! ;-)

  53. we don't have seasons /cause i'm in the tropics/ only rainy or drought

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    Total 4

  54. Summer is my favorite season because that is when I get to escape Pennsylvania and relax in South Carolina! I love my home-state, but the southern part of the USA is absolutely gorgeous in the summer time!

  55. My favorite season is Winter because although it doesn't snow where I live. I love the snow and the beauty of the winter season. I love how Winter is also the season that the holidays fall under and it is the season of giving and family, the presents don't hurt either.

    Extra total 2

    Can't wait for Last Rite, the personal demons books 1&2 have become two of my all time favorite books and I share them with friends often.

  56. Winter is by far my favorite season of the year. I live in South Texas and down here there's really only 2 seasons lol! Super hot summer and slightly cooler winter! I'll take the cooler one anyday!!! :)

    Blog, Twitter and facebook follower!

    Total: +3

    P.S. March 9th is my birthday!!! Woot! :)



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    total-5 if initial entry counts, if not 4

  58. My favourite season is summer...I'm in Canada, and in an area where we get plenty of snow and cold, so summer's pretty much the only season where there's a definitive I LOVE the sun! :D

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    Total extra entries: 4

    Thanks for the giveaway, and yay for your book baby! :D

  59. My favorite season is fall because I love the changing colors of the leaves and cozying up in jeans and sweaters but still being able to go outside and enjoy. + Blog, Twitter, & Facebook =4 entries
    Heisereads (at) gmail(dot)com

  60. My favorite season is Summer because I love being able to sit on the beach and swim in the ocean.

    +1- GFC follower
    +1-Twitter follower @emma015

    Findjessyhere at gmail dot com

  61. My favorite season is Fall, not to hot, not to cold and occasional warm rain. Just perfect. (^_^)

    +1 Following the blog
    +1 Follower on twitter: @aminablack
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    e-mail: kaguya2000[at]gmail[dot]com

    Thank you very much for the chance and have a very nice spring

  62. Summer is my favorite season because it's toasty warm!
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  63. Spring is my favorite season because I'm a masochist and I just love my allergies! Oh and I love cherry blossoms :)

    +1 Like the Fb page (oldspade)


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