Friday, April 9, 2010

Personal Demons in Hungarian!

More fun news today!

Personal Demons sold in Hungary! My publisher there will be Kelly Kiadó, who also publishes P.C. Cast’s House of Night series

and Sarah Dessen.

Two of my very faves! Squee!!

It’s all so very exciting! Can’t wait to work with them!


  1. Yay Lisa, congrats!! :-) Just tell me when it is expected to land in bookstores and I'll go and snap you a few pics of the Hungarian piles of Personal Demons! ;-)

  2. Thanks! You guys rock! And thanks, Stella! That'd be fun! =)

  3. That's awesome, Lisa! One more step to world domination!!

  4. Thanks Courtney. Loving a certain book, BTW =)

  5. Hungarian rights? How exciting, how exotic. Makes me wish I had kept going with those Hungarian lessons my mother signed me up for when I was six. ;) Congrats!