Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sweating It Out

I have to say, publishing is turning out to be the most severe roller coaster ride I’ve ever been on, with many more ups and downs then I ever could have imagined. Things that never would have even occurred to me end up turning me inside out. Like the thought of my very favorite author reading my book. There’s something a little nerve-wracking about that. And, honestly, it just never occurred to me that might happen.

But…my editor sent copies of Personal Demons off to some fabulous authors, one of which was my all time favorite author, Melissa Marr. Because all of these authors are so…well…fabulous, I’d convinced myself that they’d all hate my book. So when Melissa Marr, who is a major influence on my writing, recommended Personal Demons on her blog, I almost fell out of my chair.

Since then, we’ve gotten quotes from other fabulous authors, including this:

Personal Demons is as scary—and sexy—a book as I’ve read in a long time.”—Claudia Gray, New York Times bestselling author of Hourglass

And this:

"Fun and entertaining...the fight for Frannie's soul isn't going to be easy, and the excitement doesn't stop. Good versus evil shouldn't be this much fun, but it is! A hot YA debut novel."—Maria V. Snyder, New York Times bestselling author of Fire Study

But my first blurb came from the amazing Andrea Cremer, whose Nightshade is destined for the NYT bestseller list. Most of you don't know her writing yet, but you will. Here's what she said:

"Lisa Desrochers' debut is fantastic, full of shivers, surprises, and sultry romance. You'll be laughing one moment and shrieking the next - such a great read!"--Andrea Cremer, Future New York Times bestselling author of Nightshade

(I added that last part :p)

So, I’m starting to breathe a little easer. Maybe my book doesn’t suck after all. Maybe it’s sort of okay. Or maybe even good. =)

Hope you all think so when you get to read it. :p


  1. Your book sounds incredible! Congratulations on such great blurbs

  2. You are such a sweetie! :) Congrats on the fantastic blurbs!!!

  3. omg can't wait!! your book sounds amazing!!

  4. Thanks everyone! And, you rock, Andrea! =)

  5. Can't wait! I'm postive I'll end up agreeing with all these wonderful reviews. Congratulations. (Hugs)Indigo

  6. Oh wow, these are great!

    Really looking forward to reading Personal Demons!

  7. Indigo--Thanks! I hope so!

    Nicola--Congrats on your sale!! I need to get my hands on some of your bks! =)

  8. Wow... THAT is amazing. Congratulations. You must be just giddy.

  9. Those are fabulous blurbs! Woo-hoo! I sooo want to read it. Any ARCs? *waves hand wildly*

  10. Yay!!! What an awesome feeling it must be to have your fave author like your book! And now...time for the rest of the world =)

  11. You're such a tease!! I only want to read it more and more...and RIGHT NOW!

  12. Tricia--No ARCs yet. Still working on cover art.

    Thanks all for the PD love. =) Can't wait till you all can read and tell me what you think!

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