Monday, March 7, 2011

More chances to win Original Sin!

Woot! I just gave away two Original Sin ARCs on Twitter this weekend! I love giving books away! If you didn’t win on Twitter, remember that you still have time to enter my “Spread the Word" contest here on the blog. There are already tons of entries and one entrant earned 66 points by posting links and voting on Goodreads lists. Not sure if that qualifies as stuffing the ballot box, but it's all about spreading the word, so... ;p

Also, Katie at Call Me Crazy Reviews is giving away a signed Original Sin ARC as part of her Birthday Bash, so head over and enter for your chance to win! =)


  1. Woah 66? O.O the chances of me winning just diminished by 99%. >.< Awwh. I shall spread the word somemore!

  2. 66?! Holy carp, I have some catching up to do! ^_-

  3. Notice published in Spain! Wooww!