Friday, March 4, 2011

Spread the word and win an Original Sin ARC!

Woot!!!! So here we go! In honor of tomorrow marking four month to release of Original Sin, I’m launching the Original Sin “Spread The Word” contest here on the blog! Also, if you Tweet, we’re only 11 followers away from the 2000 Followers Twitter contest! I’m so excited! Can you tell! My exclamation key just exploded!!!!

So, here’s how the Spread the Word Contest works. From today until noon PST on Friday March 18th, you can earn one point for everyplace you spread the Original Sin word. Examples:

1. Post a link to this contest on any social network such as Twitter (hashtag #OriginalSin), Facebook or your own blog=1 point each
2. Link to any bookstore Original Sin pre-order page (indie or chain is fine—see my sidebar for links) on Twitter, FB, your blog, etc.=1 point each
3. Grab the Original Sin countdown widget (in my sidebar) and post it on your blog=1 point
4. Add Team Luc or Team Gabe buttons to your blog (in my sidebar)=1 point each
5. Add Original Sin to your Goodreads “to-read” shelf=1 point
6. Link to my Goodreads Original Sin page on any social network=1 point
7. Vote for Original Sin on any appropriate Goodreads list=1 point per vote
8. An Original Sin Waiting on Wednesday post on your blog=1 point
And anything else you can think of. Be creative!

Fill out the form below with the links to your posts by noon PST on Friday March 18th for your chance to win one of two Original Sin galleys and tons of Original Sin/Personal Demons swag. (Open internationally.) You must be a follower of this blog to win. Winners will be posted here after noon on March 18th.

(Update: Some of you are entering in comments. I'll try to check them, but the only way to guarantee your entry is to fill out the form.)

Feel free to stop back as many times as you need to list all your links and get all your points. Multiple Tweets, FB postings, etc count as long as they’re spread over time.

Enter early and enter often! Good luck and thanks for your help spreading the word! :p


  1. Thanks so much! I'll be entering this evening when I have more time! :)

  2. IT'S SO CLOSE! I can't wait!

    PS Hello Lisa! How I've missed you and Luc.

  3. Jude--We miss you too! I might have to post your fangirl art again =)

  4. I've already done three of these! (Maybe 4, I can't remember if I voted for Original Sin on any Goodreads lists.)

    I've had the coutdown widget on my blog for a while now. It's been on my to-read list/shelf on GR for about as long as it's been listed on the site. AND I did a WoW post for it the week after I read Personal Demons. ^_^

    Now, I haven't decided if I'm Team Gabe or Team Luc yet, so I don't have either of those on my blog yet. I may just have to take both...

    I'm currently working on my review of Personal Demons, so I may as well do a post about this contest as a follow-up. Both should be up tomorrow; I'll fill out the form then. ^_^


  5. Oh YAY! <3

    I've added OS to my to-read list on Goodreads:, grabbed the countdown widget, plus put a link on my blog for the giveaway.

  6. +1 Link to Pre-Order
    +1 Luc Button
    +1 O.S Countdown
    +1 Goodreads "to-read" shelf
    +1 Link to my Goodreads Original Sin page on any social network
    +1 An Original Sin Waiting on Wednesday post on your blog

    I forgot to put this on the entry form above but hopefully it counts.
    I did this for Luc


    Thank you, Lisa!

  7. Whew! I voted for almost every Goodreads list with Original Sin listed *wipes brow* Just decided to open up a word document to keep all my links together until I got done lol. Thanks for this contest. I'm SO looking forward to reading Original Sin!!!!

    On my blog, I listed the Goodreads link and all the pre-order links all in the same post, hope that's ok!

  8. Wow thanks so much for the giveaways! Personal Demons just arrived in the mail, and I just can't wait to start it! Would love to win OS, too, so I won't have to wait!

    +1 Tweet
    +1 Facebook
    +1 Blog Giveaway Header Link
    +1 Countdown Widget
    +1 Added OS to To-Reads list
    +1 WoW Post (Tentative 3/9)

    Total so far: 6

    Hope to get more! :)

  9. I think it only took one of my links in the entry form!

    Total entries +9 if the math is right

    Dedicated Post on my blog +1

    Linked to Amazon & Barnes & Noble on my blog post +1

    Linked to Goodreads Original Sin page on my blog post +1

    Posted the link to the contest on my personal facebook page +1

    Posted the link to the contest on my Blog facebook page +1

    I added (a long time ago) Original Sin to my Goodreads shelf +1

    I grabbed the countdown widget (a while back) and it’s in my sidebar +1

    I have a Team Luc button on my sidebar +1

    I tweeted about this contest with the #OriginalSin hashtag +1!/fiktshun/status/43931613570150400

  10. I put all my links in one form entry. Hope that's okay? I'd suggest making the form for the links a paragraph instead of "text" entry so we can see what the heck we're putting in there! Hope you can see that there a multiple entries for some of my links such as the two widgets on my blog. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway.
    thecozyreader @

  11. Jess--Done! Thanks for the suggestion =)

  12. Awesome! I'd better get started. Thanks for the giveaway :D

  13. Thank you so much can't do all of them don't have a blog loved the first one can't wait for july to come on my wishlist :) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  14. Thanks for a chance to enter in the giveaway. Love the series!

    +1 posted on twitter:
    +1 grabbed button for Team Luc and
    +1 grabbed widget countdown under: