Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Demons in Brazil!

Personal Demons is going to Brazil! That makes me feel this big!-->

I know some of my Brazilian friends out there on Twitter and Facebook will be happy that I can finally make the announcement. After a weeklong auction I can finally tell you that Personal Demons will be published by Editoria Salamandra. Their plan is to publish on schedule with my US publisher, so that means Personal Demons should be on the shelves in Brazil in September.

Personal Demons in Portuguese makes me =)! Yay! One more language I need to learn. I’m going to single handedly keep Rosetta Stone in business.

Way cool! Everything will be good as long as they don’t make me wear one of those Brazilian cut swimsuits when I visit my book there, cuz no one wants to see that. O_O


  1. I'm bursting with pride. And plotting a way for us to tour together...

  2. OMG, I'm brazilian and I'm SOOOO excited right now! We get books here reeeeally late, so it's really frustrating to see everyone in America freaking out about this or that book, while we here have to order and wait about 2 months till we can have them (in english, that is, translation takes FOREVER).
    Also, I have to admit never having heard about your book, but let me just tell you one thing: IT SEEMS AWESOME! And by the reviews I saw on GoodReads, I see it really is, really can't wait for setember :D

  3. Andrea--
    I'm all over that. Cut us loose in Brazil and anything might happen :p

    So glad you found me and are wanting to read PD! That makes me all kinds of happy! =)

  4. Awesome, Lisa! Congrats to you!!

  5. YAYYYYYYYY! Brazil!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm so happy! I can't believe it will out here on September! That's awesome! I posted about it on my blog! (http://confessionsofabookgeek.blogspot.com/)

    I'm dying to read it! The book sinopsis it's on my blog in portuguese for all brazilians to see!

    I'm so excited!!!

  6. Hi Paul! Thanks! =)

    Thanks! I'm so excited to be in Portuguese! Very fun! :p

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  8. So cool!! Congrats, Lisa!! Glad it worked out =)