Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thank God for bloggers who want to interview me...

I’ve been a very, very bad blogger this week. I got home from hanging out with The Thunder From Down Under in Las Vegas on Monday and have been buried in my Personal Demons proofs.

Thankfully, I was interviewed today by Kristi at Random Acts of Writing, so I’m copping out on my own blog post and posting the link to hers. =)  Check it out for my advice to aspiring writers.

Another fun blog worth checking out is Waste Paper Prose's Author Insight series, featuring Kami Garcia (Beautiful Creatures), Lauren Oliver (Before I Fall) and moi. Lots of shenanigans going on over there. :p

Hope everyone's week is going well. What news?


  1. I had a great time with the interview! I'm glad it's worked out for you. ;)

  2. Found your blog over from Kristi Faiths!! How fun of you to do an interview, and I loved learning all those things about you!!!

  3. Kristi--Thanks for having me =)

    Jen--Welcome! Glad you mosied on over :p

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