Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Personal Demons Character Week: The hotness that is LUC!

We're one week and counting from Personal Demons release! ONE WEEK!!! *faints* So, as promised, I'm kicking off Personal Demons Character Week with my beautiful boys, starting with Luc.

Luc is a demon’s demon. He works in Acquisitions for Hell and has spent five millennia using every tool at his disposal to tempt teenagers down the fiery path. Frannie is just one more soul. Nothing special. But, from nearly the moment they meet, she makes him feel things. Things demons aren’t supposed to be able to feel. Things he can’t even begin to understand or articulate. But things that make him question everything that he is, nonetheless.

Problem is, King Lucifer has made it crystal clear that failure is not an option—unless, of course, he might enjoy dismemberment and an eternity burning in the Fiery Pit. He’s a demon, after all. You never know…

But he’s also a Creature of Pride, and when the angel Gabriel shows up, Luc knows Frannie’s soul is worth fighting for. He’s never failed yet, and he’s not about to start now. This time, however, the cost of the fight may be more than he's prepared for.

Luc, obviously, is very conflicted. His purpose is clear, and he’s never questioned it—until now. The song that shaped him as a character, and really inspired the whole book, is Savin' Me by Nickelback. If you love it, please visit your chosen mode of music purchase and buy it.


  1. Gah, I can't wait for this book. I think I'm Team Luc already. Love those tortured boys!

  2. That song is PERFECT, just PERFECT for Luc. I can totally see how that inspired his character and the story. I'm so team Luc, it's not funny...we need a Team Luc button to put on our blogs Lisa! I believe a fellow blogger might just be making one and if so, YAY!

    The book was FREAKING FANTASTIC just incase I haven't told you through every other aspect of the internet today...just finished it about half and hour ago and am collecting my thoughts so I can send you a decent e mail ;)

  3. Luc sounds like the kind of character I'm going to hate to love. I love when a character is supposed to be a certain way, you're not supposed to like him because well... evil and all, but he's conflicted. I like taking someone who is supposed to be bad and making people feel for him/her.
    I look forward to reading Personal Demons next week.

  4. I think I can wait one week right? RIGHT? Geez I don't know :) The wait is killing me!

  5. Guess what I saw in my local bookstore? Stacks, yes, stacks in three places of Personal Demons! How cool is that? I took a photo and may post it on my blog later this week.

  6. Tricia--OMG!! Your the first to see it out there! What bookstore????

  7. Lisa, it was a Borders and they had it on a table in the main aisle, then on another table in the YA section and then on the shelves. Fantastic coverage!

  8. I'm trying so hard not to be Team Luc. I'm too old for bad boys!

    But he's so hot.