Friday, September 24, 2010

September Debut Contest Winner!!!

It’s that time again! Time to announce the winner of my September Debut Contest! And, remember, this winner is a DOUBLE WINNER!! Not only do they get a signed copy of Personal Demons, be also another awesome September debut signed by my fabulous writing buddy, Kody Keplinger! Thanks right! The DUFF!!!

But before I click the randomizer for the number of the lucky winner, there were a few questions in the comments, so here are your answers.

RJ asks: Question who was more fun to write about? Luc, Gabe, Franny, friends or family? Or is it all the above???
I love all my characters, but I’ve never had more fun than writing from inside a demons head. Luc was the funnest character to write. =)

squinto asks: How did you come up with the mythology for Personal Demons?
I wanted to keep Personal Demons contemporary, so I did a lot of research on lore and mythology and then put a modern twist on it. An example is the bureaucracy of Hell. I took demon hierarchy and twisted it. Luc works in the Acquisitions department and gets offered a promotion for tagging Frannie’s soul.

Abhishek Duggal asks: Which is the book that is closest to your heart?
There are so many I truly love, but my answer would have to be JRR Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings.

Okay! So, the winner…

*clicks randomizer*

The winner of signed copies of Personal Demons and The DUFF is…


*throws confetti*

Congrats! I will email you for your mailing addy!

If you didn’t win, never fear! Melissa Marr is giving away SIX signed Personal Demons ARCS on Rath & Ruins! See the list under the blog header for other contests! And don’t forget to check back here on October 1st for the October Debut Contest for another chance at Personal Demons! :p