Friday, September 17, 2010

Personal Demons Amazing Race winners!

Before I announce the Personal Demons Amazing Race winners, I have to tell you that LUC has a list on Goodreads! It's "The Sexiest Immortal Males of All Time" and people voted for him! He's like, #25 or something. If you're a Luc fangirl, and a Goodreads member, click on over there and vote for Luc =)

So, the Personal Demons Amazing Race officially came to a close at midnight last night. Thanks to the multitudes of you who followed the race through all seven stops, collected your words, and strung them into the Personal Demons tag line:

Most who entered got the phrase right.

So, without further adieu, the winner of Gabe's Heaven prize pack, which includes a signed copy of Personal Demons, an iPod Shuffle with the Personal Demons playlist pre-loaded, a Personal Demons tank top, bookmarks, Team Luc and Team Gabe tattoos, and cool marshmallow (get it--like clouds) candies, is...



And the winner of Luc's Hell prize pack, which includes everything above, except substutute cinnamon red hots for the marshmallows (when you read PD you'll know why :p)  is...

*~~*~~~*~**~Katie Butler~~~**~~*~**~*~

*throws virtual confetti* (cuz I don't want to clean the real stuff up)

Congrats to the winners!!! I'll be emailing you.

And thank you to everyone who followed the Personal Demons Amazing Race and entered! If you didn't win, you can still enter my September Debut Contest for a chance to win signed copies of both Personal Demons and The DUFF by my amazing friend, Kody Keplinger!


  1. Oh my gosh! I can't believe I won. This is the first time I have ever won anything like this. Thanks so much!

  2. Congrats Katie and Jessy!

    Wow, I had no idea about the 'Sexiest Immortal Males of All Time' list! *mmm I'm going to scoot over there right now for a peek*