Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Personal Demons ARC cover!!! And OBEALOAPP

No, that wasn't me having a seizure. It's the Official BEA Left-Out-Author Pitty Party. If you're participating, don't forget to log your wordcount for yesterday (or today, if your done writing--which you shouldn't be, BTW) in the comment section below.

So, the cover...

Keep in mind that this isn’t the “official” cover, but it’s the one you’ll see out there for the next few months, until Personal Demons releases in September.



So, the real cover will be done sometime in the next few months. Don’t forget to check back! ’Kay?

All right…here we go…

But, remember; don’t go looking for this cover in the bookstores in September. It will be different. This one is just for the ARCs.

So, here it is, the unofficial, mostly temporary ARC cover for Personal Demons.

Did I mention that I think it’s clever? I really like it, actually.

Oh, sorry… So, here it is:

What do you think? Simple but clever, yeah? :p

So this means that we should have ARCs soon, and we’ll be able to get them out to all of you. Yay!

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  1. That's a really awesome cover. I love the halo on the A and then the S on demons. If the arc cover is this cool, I can't wait to see how amazing the final cover will be!

  2. I'll start. Unfortunately, I didn't hit my wordcount goal for yesterday. I spent a fair amount of time working through a major plot point. It still has a few rough spots, but it's coming together. I also never keep track of wordcount, so this was an interesting experiment. Anyway, my wordcount for yesterday was 5248. Only about half of what I'd hoped, but still, not bad.

  3. I like this cover! It looks so sophisticated, too (: I can't wait for it!

  4. The cover is great!

    As for the BEA orphans word count, mine was 0 for yesterday. As I was leaving for the coffee shop to do my writing, we discovered the Dark Poodle of the Apocalypse was limping badly and refusing to put weight on her right rear foot. Minutes before she was fine, and never made a squawk. We have no idea what happened.

    Anyway, we spent our evening visiting the vet. The good news is the injury wasn't serious. We came home, did an epsom salts soak, and by morning she's almost back to normal. The guess is she stepped on something which caused a minor, if painful, injury to one of her pads.

    But, no writing last night for me. Oh well.

  5. Bill--Although I have no doubt that a talented writer such as your self would have no problem fabricating such a story, I have no choice but to believe you. Hope DPotA is okay!

  6. YAY for the unofficial but official for the arc cover! I like it. The devil's tail says "I'm naughty," but the halo says "I'm nice." LOL.

  7. I love it, especially the devil's tail which I hope they keep! How do we sign up for ARCS?

  8. Ooh good cover! Thanks for letting us know!x

  9. Do you have any idea how I can't wait for this book??? I don't even know you, Lisa, but I've memorized your release date. (Okay, maybe because that day was the due date for my first baby, but whatever.)
    I've booked September 15 for reading, not writing. Hooray for your ARC cover!
    Um, and I'm secretly doing the anti-BEA write-a-thon, but I can't write as fast as you. So, no posting my pathetic WC. Just chugging along...

  10. Hey - that's a kick arse cover! so exciting to see it! Love the halo. Hopefully the real cover will be similar.
    Okay, so word count - ZERO.
    Number of times I've obsessively checked my inbox for agent responses - 28.
    Not good.

  11. OH MY GOOOOOOOD!!! I freakin' LOVE that cover. It's awesome. I really hope they don't change it, because that cover would so draw me in!

  12. Oh wow! It looks AMAZING Lisa!! I LOve it! Love the flames, love the halo and love the devil tail! It really is awesome, I'd be happy for it to be the final cover, it looks great!!

  13. I love it!
    Love the devil's tail and the contrasting halo. Fits nicely with the blurb.

  14. That cover is AWESOMESAUCE. Makes me think a little of my copy of Good Omens, and that is a super good association in my book!

    My word count was 1500. Nowhere near yours, but not too bad for a mom of three young children who like to dismantle the furniture.

  15. Halos and devil-tail script, woo-hoo! Pretty sweet for unofficial coverage.
    Since I'm revising, not writing, all I can say is I revised a chapter yesterday and another this morning and plan on doing a third tonight.

  16. I love the cover and I cannot wait to read the book. =]

  17. Whoo hoo! Can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this book!

    And we've met our goal of 6 chapters per week for the past month or so. This week we've got 3 chapters down, so we'll see if we can pull it out.

  18. Love it, Lisa!! The halo and devil tail are so cute! Can't wait to see the final :)

  19. I <3 <3 <3 that cover!!!!! :) :) :) Miss you!!!! Can't wait to see you at ALA.

  20. Thanks so much guys! I'm very excited for PD to finally be out there. =)

  21. Awesome cover!! Congratulations on this! We are so excited for you! We can't wait to read it.

  22. The cover looks GREAT! Congrats! I love the title font and the halo/devil's tail a lot :) And it's not even the finished product yet but already it looks set for awesomeness!

    Just one thing I'd love to know--is Personal Demons going to be out in hardcover or paperback in September? :)