Thursday, May 13, 2010

Personal Demons up for auction!

Personal Demons is up on the Do The Write Thing For Nashville auction!! <--click to bid!!! It's Day 7-Item 13, which I totally love. What could be more perfect than my demon book being item #13 on day 7? Definitely a good omen...
So, here's the deal. Not only will the winner get a signed and personalized ARC of Personal Demons, but they will also be the only person in the known universe (I say that because it’s altogether possible that there are aliens living in my head who actually wrote the thing) to get a sneak peek of the first four chapters of Original Sin, the Personal Demons sequel. (Only my agent, editor and crit partner have seen it.)

But, wait—there’s more. Because, if you bid early and often (enough to win) you will also receive a query critique! And…that’s not all!!! The lucky winner will also receive a 50 page manuscript critique absolutely free!! (Well, free except for how much you bid, that is…) All critiques are fully transferable in case you personally don’t need/want a critique.

So bid, bid, bid…and then bid some more!!! There are all kinds of stupendous things up for auction, so don’t miss your chance to get some totally awesome, one of a kind stuff and help out the people of Nashville in the process!

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