Monday, May 24, 2010

Spring has sprung!

I so totally love this time of year. The weather has been in the high 70s and sunny. Convertible weather for sure. And, it's also the beginning of the harvest year. I have two cherry trees, an apricot tree, a pear tree (no partridge), a fig tree, a blood orange tree, a pink grapefruit tree, a lemon tree, a walnut tree, and a tree with two types of peaches, a plum and a nectarine.

The cherries are always first. I spent part of my Sunday afternoon climbing through my trees in quest of my sweet little treasures. Here they are:

The red ones are Bings (yummy) and the white ones are Rainiers (my favorite). At the time of this posting, this bowl has been totally decimated by me (mostly) and my family. I'm looking at a mound of stems and pits (not such a pretty picture, so I'll spare you).

On this date last year, I was hiking the trails of Cinque Terre, Italy, which is a much prettier picture, so I'll share that one:
The reason this is appropriate to mention here (other than just generally bragging) is because, while I was looking at that, the birds were busy eating all my cherries, and I went cherriless last year. Not this year, though! I outsmarted the birds by staying home! So there! *looks longingly at Cinque Terre*

Next, the apricots! Can hardly wait!


  1. Lisa! You must check out The Book Sniper blog, if you haven't. She's said the coolest things about Personal Demons!
    I am envious of your fruit trees. I would hardly be able to drag myself away from them! But to be in Italy, well, I could for that. :D

  2. Oh that pic of Cinque Terre!! But I do love cherries and apricots...yum. Enjoy the spoils of Spring and dreams of Italia. :]

  3. I love cherries. We had some over the weekend, but the greedy brothers ate them all. I need to find a way to outsmart them.
    That picture of Cinque Terre is so WOW! It's my dream to go to Italy. Enjoy the rest of Spring! :D

  4. cherries are my FAV!
    great photos here! New follower, finally!

  5. Thanks guys. There's nothing like fruit ripe off the tree. Amazing...

    And, yes, Italy is also amazing...

  6. I think Blogger ate my earlier comment, in which I hopped around with excitement that The Book Sniper wrote something super cool about Personal Demons.
    And that I have fruit tree envy and would so love to live in your garden, and that Italy is the only reason to leave said garden. :D

  7. Thanks Tricia! Both of your messages popped up at the same time. *shakes fist at Blogger*

  8. Cinque Terre looks absolutely gorgeous!