Friday, July 16, 2010

The subconscious is a strange animal

I’m going all Freud on you because I had THE MOST BIZZAR dream. It woke me up this morning, and, once I realized I was awake, I was LMAO.

We’ve all heard of some VERY famous writers who have turned their dreams into millions. There are those who think all dreams harbor some hidden meaning. So, I have one for you to decipher.

I was dreaming about something else altogether, having something to do with swimming. I’m sure Freud would tell me about all the underlying whatever, but, really, that was all fine. But then I was in my car, pulling into a curving dirt driveway. There was an Audi station wagon parked just ahead of me and, at the end of the short drive, there was a house that was still under construction. On the unfinished front porch stood two women. One of them, I didn’t recognize (and I can’t even picture her face now) but the other was a very professional looking Kristin Nelson.

You read that right. Kristin Nelson. The lovely literary agent—who I’ve never met—or queried—or anything—so I don't really KNOW that she's lovely, but she seems to be on her blog, which I do read occasionally.

Anyway, so here I am in the dream. I’m pulling into this driveway too fast, and I kind of catch the back corner of this Audi (hard) as I’m making the corner, because I don’t turn fast enough. And, in my dream, I’m all, “Oh Kristin!” like I’m supposed to know her or something. And she’s scowling at me as I pull up to the house (still speeding and out of control, like I never really learned to drive) and skid to a stop.

And then I wake up.

Any ideas? You think there’s a book in there anywhere?


  1. Does Suzie know about this? ;)


  2. Tere--The Suzinator is a publishing goddess. She's got nothing to worry about =)

  3. haha. I know Kristin, and she is lovely :) I'm not sure if there's a whole book in that - but maybe a funny scene :)

  4. Very funny! Too bad you woke up. I'm curious what would've happened next...

  5. haha dreams can be so funny!

  6. I could see it as a scene, like your visiting your new boyfriends house or something and you hit his mums car! oops, that wouldn't go down well.

  7. Thanks for not telling me that I'm totally nuts =)

  8. I saw that you are a part of the Debut Author Challenge! That is so amazing that you are supporting debut authors and I only recently found out that I am going to be one!!! I wanted to ask if you wouldn’t mind heading over to my blog and giving me your opinion. As a blogger turned author I would really appreciate it and the publisher is still giving out ARCs so you might have a chance at a free copy! Thank you and I hope you will stop by and check out The Thirteenth Chime!

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  9. P.S.S.- I LOVE the cover for your debut I will have to keep my eyes out for it in September!

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