Thursday, July 29, 2010

Personal Demons Countdown Widget

Many of you are asking about the Personal Demons countdown widget to the right. If you’d like to have the widget on your blog, you can go here to grab the code.

Thanks to all of you who stopped in Tuesday to read the second to the last Personal Demons sneak peek. I truly appreciate all your thoughtful comments. I have the bestest followers! =) If you missed it, or any of the others, you can read them here. (scroll to the bottom and work you way up)

I saved the best for last. Next week, Luc and Gabe go at it. (They don’t really like each other, in case you missed that.) We’ll see if they can avoid blasting each other into oblivion in the halls of Haden High.


  1. I love it thanks Lisa for giving the link I put on my blog!

  2. Hi Lisa. Just a heads-up that I posted a little something about PERSONAL DEMONS on my blog today.