Monday, July 12, 2010

Whew! And more chances to win Personal Demons...

Last week nearly ate me alive. But don't throw me on that cart, cuz "I'm not dead yet!" (Sticking with my Monty Python theme from last week.)

I got my ARCs. (I did all kinds of ARC art. :p) I'm mailing them today and tomorrow, for those of you waiting! =)

And I got my cover.

And my editorial letter from my seriously cool editor on Original Sin. (but you really don't want to see that)

I also had my amazing crit partner, Andrea's, Nightshade #3 (Bloodrose) to critique. I finished it Saturday and, it's fabulous!

I got my marching orders from my designer for content on my new website (coming soon at

And I ran some awesome contests. Thanks to the hordes of you who entered my Twitter contest. If you missed it, the task was to look at the cover and tell me, in 140 characters or less, who Frannie should be with and why. Here are some of my favorite entries.

@thmafi: Frannie should pick @DanKrokos because otherwise he'll go after Gabe & Luc before she does. #PersonalDemons (Dan has already laid claim to Luc, actually :p)

@AminaBlack: don't be cruel she doesn't have to choose. She could have both and I know that I'm not the only one thinking it. #PersonalDemons

@angelgirl122193: Frannie should choose neither of them, become a nun, and let me have a love triangle of my own w/ luc and gabe =) #PersonalDemons

@ettrenas: LUC! Because any guy that makes you think twice about choosing hell over heaven is a total winner ;) #PersonalDemons

And my very favoritest entry:
@MireyahWolfe: Frannie should be with Luc, because...let's face it. With those eyes, she'll never lose him when the lights go out. #PersonalDemons

Dudes! I was ROFL!

But, the winner, as chosen by the randomizer was @sophisti_katied! *throws virtual confetti*

It was really fun! I hope to do another Twitter contest closer to release =)

If you didn't win, but you still want an ARC, visit my July Debut Contest and enter! You can also enter to win a finished copy of Personal Demons or five other amazing fall releases in A Good Addiction's Fall Release Six Title Contest. So go enter!! Yay!

So, even though I feel like I've been ravaged by a killer rabbit (you really have to see The Holy Grail) I have my holy hand grenade ready and I'll be back for more tomorrow with my Personal Demons Sneak Peek #5! :D


  1. Oh how I love these sneak peaks!! In lieu of an ARC, it's the next best thing ;)

  2. Hi, Lisa.

    The first chapter was AWESOME and the final cover OMG, SO gorgeous!... I can´t wait for September 14! For now on I will check your blog every tuesday ^^

    Oh I almost forget to ask you, does any of your contests are open internationally? Please, say YES, hahah.

  3. Mau--Yes! My contests are international =)