Thursday, July 15, 2010

Buried alive!

Sorry for the lame post today, but this is pretty much how I feel this week--totally buried alive.

I wanted to take a second to send a HUGE shout out to the awesome bloggers who have included Personal Demons in their Waiting on Wednesday posts over the last month! You guys totally rock! Thanks for helping me spread the word =)

I'm taking today off from torturing patients to get my ARCs mailed to those who have been waiting...and waiting...and waiting...

Once my post office run is accomplished I'll be buried in Original Sin revisions for my seriously cool editor, so you may or may not hear from me tomorrow.

What are you guys working on?


  1. Yay, my ARC is coming, my ARC is coming! I can't tell you how excited that makes me. What I'm doing is cranking up the AC (105 today!) and working on the ending of my WIP. It's a good day.

  2. Fingers crossed for July ARC...

  3. I've been thinking of you. Sounds like you've hit the ground running!

  4. Personal demons sounds fantastic -- I can't wait to read it.