Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Books I read in 2013 that MUST go on your "I have to read them right now!!!!" list.

I didn't get as much of a chance to read this year as I'd like, but that was because I was so busy writing, so I'm not complaining. I did, however, read some truly amazing books, and I'd like to pass those recs along to you on this last day of 2013. Note that not all of these were published in 2013. A few came out in late 2012, and I've slipped one on here that I actually read in December of last year.

So, here we go.

Anything Jay Crownover writes will always and forever be on the top of my list. I read RULE in April and fangirl emailed Jay when I was only halfway through, even though she didn't know I existed. I've NEVER fangirl emailed ANYONE before, but I couldn't help myself. Jay writes the most authentic male
POVs I've ever read, and let me tell you, these boys are smokin' hot. After RULE, it took me months to pick up the next book in the marked men series, because I was so in love with Rule Archer that it felt like cheating on him to move on to JET. ROME releases next week (the day after my birthday, btw, so I've decided he's what I want, in case you were thinking of picking me up a gift ;p) and I was lucky enough to get an ARC. So now I am in love with all of Jay's boys. I am a polygamist. Yes I feel guilty, but not enough to give any of them up. I have never read guys as compelling as these. You definitely want to pick these up.

REAL, MINE, and REMY by Katy Evans have to make the list, because, REMY! He is totally swoon-worthy. Katy also writes some of the hottest sex scenes I've ever read. :D I met Katy in Houston a few months ago, and when she signed my copy of REAL, she wrote that she loved my books. I nearly fell over. Now we have a mutual fangirl thing going, which I love. I've gotten a sneak peek at the first few chapters of her upcoming RAW, and this is another one you are NOT going to want to miss. You think Remy's hot? I dare you not to drool all over Greyson.

And the super fun news? I'll be giving away signed copies of all six of these books for the release of A LITTLE TOO HOT! Follow the blog tours starting on January 13th for your chance to win!

More books I read and loved this year:

BEST KIND OF BROKEN by Chelsea Fine. Unfortunately for you, you can't get your hands on this one until March, but when it releases, you won't want to wait to read it. It was all kinds of heartbreak wrapped up in some of the funniest dialogue I've ever read.

FANGIRL by Rainbow Rowel. This lady is all kinds of talented. I liked Eleanor and Park, but I LOVED FANGIRL. All her books are about normal people in real situations, which isn't really supposed to be great reading, but her characters are just so damn compelling that you HAVE to know what happens to them.

WAIT FOR YOU by J. Lynn. Though this one follows the standard NA tropes, Jennifer is just so insanely talented that she can make something old seem new. And holy hotness, Batman, can she write great swoony boys. Always. You can't help rooting for Avery and Cam to find their way to each other.

LOSING IT by Cora Carmack. If you've read ALTF, you know I like a little silliness, and Cora is the queen of silliness. Her characters end up in serious situations, but there's always a sense that they don't take themselves too seriously, which is refreshing. Like with Chelsea's THE BEST KIND OF BROKEN, you'll find yourself laughing out loud. A lot.

So what did I miss? There are tons of books I'm dying to get to burning a hole in my iPad, like K.A. Tucker's series and Christina Lee's ALL OF YOU, but I'm a book junkie, so I'm always glad for more suggestions. What were your favorites this year?