Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The 20 Days of Alessandro Man Candy Holiday Celebration, Day 10 (And a hot male virgins you can OWN!)

All the exiting things today! First, I have to show you this! It popped up in my Twitter feed this morning thanks to some of my diligent readers. You want the REAL Alessandro, here he is in Hot Vatican Priest calendar form, just in time for your holiday shopping! Click on the picture to order yours!

Nothing sexier than a hot virgin, right? (Though, if you've read ALTF, you know Alessandro is NOT a virgin, and you know who he lost his V-card to :D)

And if that's not enough, there's also the release of A LITTLE TOO MUCH in paperback! Now you can get your hands on Alessandro in the flesh (or paper, really), you know, in case you want to lay in bed at night with him wrapped around your fingers, or maybe stuff him in your stockings. (because he makes a great stocking stuffer too ;p) You can pick yours up at Barnes & Noble or Amazon. Go ahead, you know you want to!

But, with all this excitement, I didn't forget your daily dose of Alessandro Man Candy. Yesterday we took a one day break from Alessandro to bring you Harrison and Sam hotness from A LITTLE TOO HOT (which I'm now thinking I should have titled A LOT TOO HOT, but I digress). So, today we're back to my beautiful French-Italian-American ex-almost-priest hottie. You ready? I thought so...

So, there you go. Another reason to get the paperback...Alessandro's arms wrapped around you at night. Yeah?

Keep checking back everyday between now and Christmas for MORE hotness! We're only halfway through our Man Candy Celebration!

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