Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The 20 Days of Alessandro Man Candy Holiday Celebration, Day 9 (but really it's Harrison Man Candy today)

Because today is nine ladies dancing, it seemed appropriate to take a short break from Alessandro to feature Sam from A LITTLE TOO HOT. Because she's a...well...dancing lady. In ALTH, Lexie's best friend, Sam, finds herself in some dire straights when she flunks out of school and her parents decide on the tough love route and throw her out. She needs money fast, and her goofball rocker friend hooks her up with a exotic dancing gig. And because this is a Man Candy Holiday Celebration, I must share her leading man with you. Harrison is beyond hot, and way too tempting for Sam to resist. So, on day 9 of our 20 Days of Alessandro Man Candy Holiday Celebration, I give you instead Harrison Man Candy...

and our dancing lady, Sam...

I can't wait for you to meet them in person on January 21st!

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