Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The 20 Days of Alessandro Man Candy Holiday Celebration, Day 19, and it's RAINING men!

It is Christmas Eve, and I am here to shower you with Man Candy gifts! Tomorrow is the end of our 20 Days of Alessandro Holiday Man Candy Celebration, and I have had sooo much fun bringing you so many tasty treats. But today...it's not just Alessandro, but ALL the A LITTLE TOO FAR men. (Yes, I'm showering you with men. As in, it's raining men? Get it? ;p)

Drum roll, please...

It all started with Trent from A LITTLE TOO FAR, Lexie's sensitive musician stepbrother-best-friend who she sort of accidentally has sex with just before leaving for a year abroad in Rome...

...where she meets Alessandro, her tortured French-Italian-American soon-to-be priest.

He has his demons to face down, and he gets his chance in A LITTLE TOO MUCH. But while Lexie's away, getting tight with Alessandro, Trent is also getting cozy...with Lexie's best friend Sam. Some of you love to hate Sam, but I just flat out love her. When things go to hell for her and she lands in a gentleman's club, dancing for a living, she meets Harrison in A LITTLE TOO HOT. Unfortunately for Sam, he's not who he seems to be...and his secret will probably get her killed.

Now get a towel and dry off, because your holiday company will be here soon! But don't forget to check back tomorrow for the LAST serving of Alessandro Man Candy for 2013!

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