Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Original Sin Teaser #7 and YA trends

I've had some interesting conversations with writer friends over the last few weeks. A topic that often comes up when writerly types get together is what projects we're working on. I had this conversation Saturday night with a writer friend I met for the first time, but who I knew through Twitter. It got me thinking about trends. Urban fantasy, specifically paranormal romance, obvioulsy has dominated YA since Twilight, but then came The Hunger Games and dystopian took off. More recently, time travel seems to be trending and science fiction is on the cusp. Every industry professional I've ever seen comment on trends says don't follow them, set them. It sounds great in theory, but with the millions of novels already written, everything has been done, so how do you set a trend? So, my question of the day is: We know what's trending now, but what do you see trending in the future? Will something cycle back? Contemporary, maybe? What do you think?

And, now for the Original Sin teaser!

This is a fun scene from the beginning of the book which basically continues from yesterday's teaser. There is lots of Frannie and Luc hotness...but never fear, Team Gabe. Courtney Moulton (Angelfire/Katherine Tegan) told me Gabe has the hottest scene in the book. ;p Here, Frannie is trying to get Luc all hot and bothered--which has always been his forte. Let's just say he isn't hating the shift in his roll from the pursuer to the pursuee.

#OriginalSin p20 Frannie: I feel myself getting hot all over despite the cool dish suds running down my arms. I loop my soapy hands around Luc's neck and watch him grimace as the cold water drips down his back.
“I don’t think I’m done finding out. It’s an ongoing investigation. You know, like…” I press myself harder into him. “What happens if I do this.”
I feel his body react, muscles tensing, his breathing becoming faster. I smile.
“Or this,” I say, reaching up onto my tiptoes to kiss his Adam’s apple.
“Interesting reaction,” I say when he tips his head back and shudders. “I’ll have to log that in my journal.”

Luc is putty in her hands ;p

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  1. Oh wow!!! Is it just me or did it just get hot in here?!? :D

  2. I think trends will become less important until something huge comes along.

    Paranormal was huge because Twilight was huge. Hunger Games is big, yes. Really big, but not twilight big. So we're seeing dystopians now. But the dystopian trend doesn't compare to the paranormal trend, both in size and duration. It already feels like it's winding down.

    So what's next? Impossible to tell. Whatever takes off bigger than Hunger Games.

    What's left? Haven't seen a lot of good YA horror, or thrillers. YA is becoming so saturated it's becoming a question of what hasn't been done, or at least done in a big way.

    I still think the best advice I've heard is to just write a unique story. That starts with being well read in your genre.

  3. *Le Gasp* I can't wait to start reading the first book! Yea, trend or no trend I still am very behind on it. :D Haha. And honestly speaking I don't know how Twilight sparked so much. It was a good book and all and the love story was great. But not that great. I prefer the Hunger Games and other books. ^-^ Great Post.

  4. *fans self* Whew! Is it just me or is it hot in here?

  5. I am very excited for this book - total luc fan here! :)
    I think with violence, war, natural disasters and the polictacl unrest here in the US people are going to start wanting comfort reads, much like comfort food. Old fashioned chivalry and elect ladies - Back to the litarue classics. That is the predication for the next trend (Or dragons that is;D )
    Jennifer Kjovus