Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Original Sin Teaser Number Two!

I'm lifting my head out of my most anticipated spring release--

to do this:
because it's exactly THREE MONTHS until Original Sin release!

There is a third narator in Original Sin, and you get to meet him in today's teaser. If you're like me, and the only time you have to read is in the car, audiobooks are a life saver. In December, I got a subscription to Audible.com, and I've listened to a ton of books this year. The Personal Demons audiobook is especially fun to listen to. Michael Nathanson reads Luc, and he's very demonic. Sara Barnett reads Frannie. I like her because she sounds like the girl next door, which is how I envisioned Frannie when I wrote her. And, I just listened to audition tapes for the third narator in Original Sin, Matt. I really like the actor I chose to read his part. His name is Josh Hurley and he sounds just like I imagined Matt would--cynical with a side of comic relief. I can't wait to hear the finished product on release day!

So, for my Original Sin Teaser #2, here is Matt. To set this up for you: Matt is Frannie's new guardian angel, and not a big fan of Luc. And that's all I can say about Matt without spoiling Personal Demons for those of you who haven't read it yet ;p If you've read Personal Demons, you know Frannie and her grandfather fix up old Mustangs. The car they were working on in Personal Demons was a '65 convertible, which is now Frannie's in Original Sin.

#OriginalSin p13 Luc: I raise my eyebrow at him. "If Frannie's on her way over, why aren't you watching her. Falling down on the job so soon? What the Hell kind of guardian angel are you?"
A grin spreads across Matt's face as he shrugs away from the wall. “Frannie drives so fast not even the Hounds of Hell could catch her between there and here.”

So that's Matt! We'll hear more from him later this week. Hope you enjoyed! If you have any spoiler free questions, please leave them in comments, and don't forget, you still have time to enter to win an Original Sin ARC and a signed copy of Demon Glass by Rachel Hawkins in my Second of Many Contest-for-No-Reason.


  1. I won't tease in the comments but I'm very worried about what might have happened to her previous Guardian Angel. Hoping for good things or even a little competition :)

  2. Fiktshun--Well...that IS Gabe on the cover, so...

  3. Read the first chapter on TOR and I'm hooked, Lisa! ME WANT!!!1!

  4. Oh, Lisa, I visited my local library yesterday to check out PD, but IT WASN'T THERE! Gotta get these people up to speed, thinks I. In the meantime, I'll try getting it through inter-library loan. (I'm poor, what can I say? The library is a lifesaver for me.)