Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Original Sin Teaser #8 and my OMG moment involving Cassie Clare

My week was totally made last night. Here’s what happened:

I’m at Cassie Clare and Holly Black’s signing (which was awesome, btw) and I’m hanging out and talking to all the awesome bloggers who were so sweet to recognize me during the signing line. So, I’m chatting away, waiting for my turn, but the whole time I’ve got a brain cell thinking about how I’m supposed to introduce myself. Let’s face it, there’s no reason why either of these fantabulous authors would know me. I’ve worshiped at Holly Black’s feet (from afar, of course--I’m not a stalker) since she and Tony DiTerlizzi taught my daughter to read with their fabulous Spiderwick series five years ago (long before it ever occurred to me to write a book) and Cassie is…well…Cassie. So, I get up to the front of Cassie’s line feeling all self-conscious and hand her a stack of books to sign. Here’s the convo:

Me: Hi! It’s really great to meet you. *holds out hand* I love your books. I write too.

Cassie: *shakes my hand* Oh? What do you write?

Me: Personal Demons

Cassie: You’re Lisa Desrochers?! (She even pronounced it right!)

Me: O.O *nods*

Cassie: I didn’t know you were here! I have Personal Demons downloaded on my Kindle right now. I plan to read it on tour! I hear it’s very sexy.

Me: O.O *nods*

Cassie: You should have chimed in when we were talking about writing sexy scenes. (Someone asked the question about how they feel when they’re writing them.)

Me: O.O

Cassie: Is the second book out yet?

Me: Umm…July first. Wait! I mean July fifth!

Cassie: What’s the name of it?

Me: Original Sin

Cassie: Oh yeah! I think I saw the cover for that.

Me: O.O

Cassie: Awesome! Congratulations on your books.

Me: Thanks! It was great to meet you!

My life was totally made a year ago when Melissa Marr Tweeted me that she'd read Personal Demons and enjoyed it. It honestly never occured to me that my favorite authors would read my book. (Melissa actually recommended it on her blog, which nearly gave me a coronary.) The thing with that is, I didn't know that Melissa was reading it, so I didn't stress. Cassie Clare reading it is totally stressing me out. *bites nails* I think I'll choose to assume that she's so busy on tour that she won't have time to get to it.

So, there’s my OMG moment for the week. What are some of your OMG moments?

I didn’t forget about the teaser. Promise. This is continuing with the Luc and Frannie hotness from the last few teasers. Enjoy!

#OriginalSin p20 Frannie: He drops his head and looks at me, those fathomless black eyes still on fire. But then he pushes away. “If only I could finish what I’ve started.”
I tug him back to me by the waist of his jeans. “Why can’t you?”
“Because the woman from the library told me to call her at one.” He nods to the clock on the microwave, which reads 12:58.
I shove him away and turn back to the soapy sink full of dishes. “You’re such a tease.”


  1. Awww!!! That is so awesome and cool!! I could only imagine how you must feel. I loved the parts where you were just O.O LOL. I could totally see myself acting that way if I ever had the chance to meet some of you guys in person haha. Thanks for sharing. I absolutely loved Personal Demons and I'm eagerly waiting/slightly salivating for Original Sin. =)

  2. Too cool! I can so understand your nervousness, but you have NOTHING to worry about. :)

  3. That is so exciting! Omg! Congrats, Lisa! =D

  4. Ok posting again... Congrats Lisa!!! Cassie and Holly were awesome last night. I had an OMG momento on Monday night. Last weekend I went down to LA for the RT Teen day and of course I took a ton of pics. One of the pics I took was with the very adorable pregnant Richelle Mead. So I posted my flickr stream on my blog and on twitter. Late Monday night Richelle tweeted me asking if she could use my picture of us to put on her RT blog post. I squealed and typed um heck yeah! So I am now on Richelle Mead's blog :D

  5. Jamie (Two Chicks)--That's awesome. I never remember to bring my camera to signings.

  6. That is so exciting, Lisa! I felt that way when James Dashner emailed me the first time, and even more-so when he did a guest post for me on my blog. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!

  7. OMG moment - meeting you! :) Although it was only for a short moment, it was my first time EVER meeting an author. Pretty much made my life.

  8. Lisa - It was soooooo fun meeting you last night. Cassie is amazing and so is Holly. I can hardly wait for her to read Personal Demons. :D I know she'll fall in love with Luc, too. Next time, I'm in the Bay Area, I'll be sure to arrange some time for us to chat over coffee.

    As for the teaser...wowie...such a tease indeed!!!

  9. I met Cassie too, at the signing in Santa Monica, and it was totally surreal I had no idea what to say! Hmm omg moment... Well I went to the RT Book convention in LA and went to go get my other Cassie Clare books signed. I brought my friend with me and since Cassie had a two book max, I told my friend to get my other two signed. Needless to say, we both said our names were Nicole and she was like: "You're Nicole too?" *friend nods* "That's the fourth Nicole today!" I laughed but I felt kind of bad that I deceived my favorite author. But, my lord, you should have seen the line! It was like the lines for the Disneyland rides. No way was I going back there. Anyway, love your story. I hope I can say the same thing some day when I get my books published *crossing fingers* :)