Friday, April 1, 2011

Original Sin Teasers!

News flash:

In celebration of THREE MONTHS to Original Sin release, I'm going to post the ENTIRE text of Original Sin right here, starting Monday!

I know!! Pretty awesome, yeah?

Okay...that's a lie. April fools and all that...


If you guys want them, I will be posting teasers! There are some really fun twists in Personal Demons that I would hate to spoil for those who haven't yet read it, so I won't be posting the long excerpts I did for Personal Demons. However, if you tell me you want them, I will Facebook (yes, that's a verb) short teasers daily from now until Original Sin release on the Personal Demons Books Facebook page. (Follow the link to like the fan page if you haven't already so you don't miss them! :p) The Facebook teasers will cross post to Twitter with the hashtag #OriginalSin. And...I will include them here, with some context as a bonus to you, my lovely blog readers.

So??? Do you want them? Let me know in comments, and if there are enough of you, we'll (that's the royal we) do it!!
Yay! I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to share snippets of Original Sin! If you have read Personal Demons, and you want more than my meager offerings, remember that the first chapter of Original Sin is up on But SPOILER ALLERT! The first line of Original Sin is a total spoiler for one of the biggest twists in PD. So, if you haven't read PD, read at your own risk.

Also, feel free to leave spoiler free questions in comments and I'll be sure to answer! And, don't forget, I'll be posting my Second-of-Many-Contests-for-No-Reason on Monday!! Don't miss it!