Monday, September 16, 2013

A LITTLE TOO FAR Character Week--Lexie

You've met Lexie's boys, Trent and Alessandro. Today is Lexie's turn on ALTF Character Week. What can I say about my lovable narrator...?

Lexie is in a pretty serious dilemma. She's slept with Trent, her best friend...who also happens to be her stepbrother. (I mean, look at this picture and tell me you wouldn't sleep with him too!) She knows it will likely not only destroy their friendship, something that means more to Lexie than anything else she possesses, but also their family if they were to be discovered. So she does what any normal twenty-year-old would do: she runs away. Because, luckily for Lexie, she's managed to score a scholarship for a year abroad and will be spending her junior year studying art history in ROME!

But, the thing is, Lexie seems to be a magnet for off-limits men. She goes to confess her sins with the hope of not burning in hell for all eternity, and meets the very easy-on-the-eyes soon-to-be priest, Alessandro Moretti. As they become closer, Lexie discovers Alessandro's dark past and the reasons serving the Church is so important to him. She stuffs down her attraction to him, knowing nothing could ever happen between them. ...So when it does, she's more surprised than anyone.

Being with one could destroy her family. Being with the other could destroy his life.

So, what's a girl to do?

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