Thursday, September 12, 2013

A LITTLE TOO FAR Character Week--Alessandro

In A LITTLE TOO FAR there are men. Gorgeous men. Two of them. And both are very off-limits. Lexie finds herself in a position she never dreamed, having to decide between the two, knowing that choosing either one will have dire consequences.

Trent is Lexie's stepbrother, confidant, and best friend. We'll get up close and personal with him tomorrow. But today, we meet Alessandro.

Alessandro is the American son of a French mother and an Italian father. He's also a transitional deacon in the Catholic church, months away from his ordination as a priest. Yesterday, I gave you a glimpse into Alessandro's past, and it's dark. He's chosen the path he believes will atone for his sins, but he's still tortured by a past he can't outrun. In Lexie, he sees passion. He sees good. And, much to his dismay, he sees a possible future. Pledging his life to the Church is his best chance at redemption. He believes the Church is the only thing that can control his dark side. But is it worth giving up his only chance at true happiness?

Is there another path to redemption? That's what Alessandro needs to sort out before it's too late.

If you want a glimpse inside Alessandro's thoughts when he first meets Lexie, you can read that from his point of view on Mary Elizabeth's Crazy Book Blog!

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