Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A LITTLE TOO FAR excerpt #2

One week!!! We're one week from A LITTLE TOO FAR! Check back in every day this week for ALTF Character Week, where you'll get some insight into Alessandro, Trent, and Lexie!

Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered ALTF! Hope you registered for your code to download an exclusive excerpt of the first chapters of A LITTLE TOO MUCH! If not, do that here by today!

Here's a few of today's reviews:
"There's much more to this book than you'd think and it will definitely charge your emotions, make your heart race, and just let you melt into a world where desire rules."--In the Best Worlds

"This is definitely a different story that one you have read before. There are surprises and moments that will definitely take your breath away."--A Love Affair With Books

"This book will take you on an emotional ride. So well written and fun to read. You'll devour it in a day!! 5 stars!!!!--The Book Whore-der's Delights

"All in all, it was angsty, bitter-sweet, and beautiful."--Jessy's Book Club

And to celebrate one week until launch, here's another little snippet.

Happy reading!

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