Friday, September 13, 2013

A LITTLE TOO FAR Character Week--Trent

Yesterday you met Alessandro. The other gorgeous guy in A LITTLE TOO FAR is Trent, Lexie's stepbrother.

I've seen a lot of comments that people aren't interested in reading A LITTLE TOO FAR because the stepbrother thing creeps them out. That's their prerogative, and I totally respect that. But the thing here is, Lexie and Trent were attracted to each other before their parents married. In Lexie's words:

"If we’d just met, like, at school or the mall or been living anywhere other than under the same roof, then there’d be nothing wrong with our being together."

Trent and Lexie have a deep and profound connection, and if there's one thing Trent knows more than anything, it's that he and Lexie are soul mates. He only feels whole when he's with her. He's spent years compensating for how he feels by distracting himself with other women. But he's not your typical womanizing man-whore.

Page 21:
I pull away and look at him. “Have you ever cheated on anyone?”
He contemplates that for a second. “I’m not going to say I haven’t pissed a lot of girls off, but I prefer to do it honorably. If it’s just a hookup, I make sure they know that before anything happens, and if I’m with someone and I want to hook up with someone new, I break up with the one I’m with first.”
I roll my eyes. “So chivalrous.”
“Say what you will, but I’ve never been anything less than straight up with any girl I’ve ever been with. I’ve never lied or gone behind anyone’s back. Ever.”

But things get complicated when they finally act on the desire they've both been suppressing. Lexie leaves to go to Rome for a year, and Trent has to sort through the emotional wreckage. For him, that means finding a distraction, and this time, it's Lexie's best friend, Sam. But try as he will, he can't stop thinking about Lexie. And when Lexie tells him about Alessandro, as always, he's her best friend:

So what is a guy to do?

And for a special treat, today on the A LITTLE TOO FAR blog tour over at Love Between the Sheets, there is a post from Trent's POV. While Lexie's in Rome, Trent drunk dials her from a party. Hear the conversation from his perspective at the bottom of Sex and the Books' review!