Friday, June 17, 2011

Graveminder and Original Sin WINNER! And OS Teaser #53

Another contest comes to an end. Thanks to everyone who entered! But I'm addicted to giving stuff away, so the EPIC After Dark Contest is already underway. Check here for deets.

Before I tell you who won all this stuff:
here's today's Original Sin teaser. Lili is Luc's new neighbor and you'll remember from our last teaser that she's stopped by for some milk...

#OriginalSin p166 Luc: “You should look into modeling. The big shops are in New York, but LA has some good agencies too.”
I look up at Lili and laugh.
“You think I’m joking?” she says with raised eyebrows.
I pull my eyes away from her. “Yes.”
“Well, I’m not. You’ve got a look the ladies drool over—dark and dangerous.” want to know if you won books, I know that. So, here goes. The winner of Graveminder and Original Sin as chosen by the randomizer is...


Congrats! An email is on the way =)