Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Original Sin Character Week: No one told Gabe that angels aren't supposed to be hot!

One week from today, Original Sin will be on shelves. I have to be honest at tell you that scares the snot out of me. Original Sin is very dark and twisty and I hope you love it. It's the story as Luc, Frannie, Gabe, Matt, Lili and Taylor gave it to me and there were times I was screaming at them. So far the reviews have been positive, so thank you all for your kind words.

Also, thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday and got up close and personal with Luc. It's Original Sin Character Week, and today we get into Gabe's head.

Gabe has one goal: to keep Hell from getting their hands on Frannie. It's his only purpose, and he's willing to do whatever it takes. Because Frannie possesses a unique skill set that has King Lucifer tingling with anticipation, and, if Hell tags her, it would mean the end of Heaven—and therefore Earth—as we know it.

But, being around Frannie is tricky. Because, somewhere along the way, things changed. What was just a job turned personal. He finds himself being drawn in—wanting her in ways he shouldn’t. But if he goes too far—far enough to lose his wings—he can’t protect Frannie and he’s useless to her. So, the question is, how far is too far?

Gabe has never before found himself in the position of questioning his purpose. But, with Frannie, the lines between duty and desire blur, and he struggles with basic questions of love and loyalty. He vows to always be there for her, no matter what, but what if keeping that promise means risking everything?

The song that most embodies Gabe's struggle in Original Sin is Anthem of the Angels by Breaking Benjamin. As always, if you love it, please visit your chosen mode of music purchase and buy it. Enjoy!


  1. Man, I love Breaking Benjamin too! You just keep scoring more and more points with me.
    I am so excited for Original Sin I can hardly stand it.

  2. Gabe's great and all, but he's no Luc! ;)

  3. They sound great!! I just love checking my dashboard to see what everybody is up to on their blogs and find such great music to listen to. I found a great one today that I shall do a posting on in a couple hours , again music in the background to a book trailer I am going to be reading/reviewing. Breaking Benjamin sound really great. I love listening or watching the lyrics on youtube to read the song words. They can be great to actually see what they are singing. SOme bands have the most powerful words in their songs.
    This would be great background music on book trailer.

    Michelle A