Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Original Sin Trailer Sneak Peek, Original Sin Reviews and Original Sin Teaser #55

So, the first reviews of Original Sin are coming in. I'm going to be honest and tell you this book scared the snot out of me as I was writing it. When it was done and I looked at the stuff that was in there, it scared me even more. It is VERY dark and VERY sexy. The edginess made me more than a little nervous about how it would be received. So far, I'm happy to say, the reviews have been more than I could have hoped for. Thank you so much to the bloggers who have taken time to read and review Original Sin. Here's snippets of every blog review I could find with links to the original post.

Original Sin is a brave, unique, and unflinching novel. Desrochers didn't shy away from tough subjects, and no character is safe here. This novel is even better than its predecessor! YA Highway

"Desrochers is such a daring story teller. I love how I am always surprised by where she takes these characters." YA Addict

"Original Sin is sinfully delicious! A sexy, adventure jam-packed with tons of fun and excitement starring some of my favorite YA characters!" Teens Read and Write

 The Personal Demons series is smokin’ hot and a must read for YA lovers! Original Sin is filled with steamy relationships, crazy twists, action, and shocking outcomes. The Bookworms

After reading Personal Demons, I knew Lisa Desrochers could be counted on to bring the smolder, but she amps it up even more in her sophomore novel. 365 Days of Reading


And...the lovely Vania, aka: @reverieBR, aka: book trailer goddess, is working as we speak on the Original Sin trailer. You want a peek???

Yeah...I thought so...

Any guesses who they are? Hint: they're both new, but we've heard from them in the teasers.

Want another peek?

Bet you can guess who they are =)

And, here one of them is in today's teaser...

#OriginalSin p294 Luc to Gabe: I bark out a humorless laugh. “You pulled me out of Hell to run interference?”

Tomorrow, ALA!! Can't wait!


  1. Congrats on those smokin' reviews, Lisa!

  2. Hi,
    I was checking out your Original Sin blog tour and more monday june 20 I couldn't find the cover interview at word for teens. Will it be posted later? Or if you need someone else I would love to post it on my book blog

  3. Ack! My review is comin' soon! :)

    And yuuuum! Look at those photos! OMfreakin'G! <3