Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why I have a love/hate relationship with Spring, and OS Teaser #47

Yesterday, I showed you my To Be Read shelf and lamented that I didn't have time to get to all the really amazing books I have waiting for me. Today, I'm showing you my front yard.

I just took this picture. If I wanted to show you the true horror of it, I would have taken a closer up picture of the boarders. My yard is a weed-fest. We are the Clampets (in case you're too young to catch the reference, that's The Beverly Hillbillies) of our neighborhood.

I LOVE spring. The days are longer, the rain has stopped and it's warm outside. Everything is coming alive. Just last night, I cleaned off the table in the gazebo in the back yard and we'll eat dinner outside for the rest of the summer. I always feel refreshed in the spring. My creative juices get flowing and writing goes more smoothly. I have more energy to chase my kids around. And, usually, I'm out in the yard. I really enjoy being outside. I've done most of the landscaping in my yard on my own. I have a veritable orchard out back, and every year I plant a vegetable garden. I love having fresh fruit and vegetables, and I've shown you my bounty.

But this year, I didn't plant a thing. I didn't fertilize my trees, and, so far, my fruit has been rather anemic. I love my life. I really do. I have three jobs that I enjoy, two of which are my dream jobs. I wouldn't give any of it up. But...there's just not enough time in the day for everything.

So, my solution? Cloning. I've decided I need a maid clone, a gardener clone, and a reading clone. Then, all I have to worry about is parenting, spousing and my three jobs. =)

Even with the weeds taking over my yard, I'm a spring person. This is my favorite time of year. Which is your favorite season?

Today's Original Sin Teaser is from Matt's perspective, once again. Hell is not thrilled with Luc's defection, and Rhenorian, the head of Security, who we met briefly during Luc's trip to Hell in Personal Demons, is sent to bring Luc back.

#OriginalSin p136 Matt: The door swings open and Rhenorian’s head jerks up from where Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber have Luc pinned against the wall. He lowers his glowing fist and a wave of panic surges through me as I wonder how much Lili saw.
Lili. Crap.
She’s going to expect me to do something to help my “friend.”

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  1. Oh my, your house is GORGEOUS! My favourite season is Autumn as you still get the sun but you also get a nice fresh, crispness to the air. I love the colours of the leaves falling off trees too.

    And 3 jobs? I now what 2 of them are but I'm wondering what the third is. Anyway, you may as well add wife, mother, chauffeur, cook, cleaner LOL