Friday, June 24, 2011

The VERY LAST Original Sin Teaser and Original Sin Character Week!

If you check the ticker in the sidebar, you'll see that it says the release of Original Sin is JUST AROUND THE CORNER! So, to celebrate, next week with be Original Sin Character Week! We'll get up close and personal with the characters, starting with the ones we know and love, my beautifully conflicted boys, Luc and Gabe. Then we'll check in with my seriously kick-ass, but very confused Frannie. We’ll also meet some new characters, Matt, Lili and the assortment of demons who are making it their mission to see that Frannie and Luc don't get their "happily ever after." We’ll get into the character's heads a little to see what motivates them—and what haunts them.

Here's the line up:
Monday: The Original Sin Book Trailer Debut!
Tuesday: Luc
Wednesday: Gabe
Thursday: Frannie
Friday: Matt and Lili
Monday: Rhenorian and Marchosias

Because I really want every reader to make my characters their own, I hadn't planned to include pictures. But then I was threatened with death by a certain few blog lurkers, who shall remain nameless, if I didn't. So...I have include pictures of what my characters look like (to me), their songs and their trailers.

And, because I love to interact with all my totally cool friends in the blogosphere, I'll also answer (spoiler free) questions about the characters in the comments section of their posts.

And, now for the VERY LAST Original Sin teaser! I'm not even going to tell you who's POV it's from, cuz I'm evil like that. I'm jsut going to let this one speak for itself...

#OriginalSin p357 I look down at the blood starting to pool on the ground at her side. She coughs and blood spews from her mouth.

Stay tuned for the debut of the Original Sin book trailer and Character week. =)


  1. Oh, good lord, woman, you are evil! Now I REALLY need to get my hands on a copy of OS! :)

  2. YOU'RE EVIL!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait another 10 days!!!!!!

  3. This has been so much fun!! Thank you so much Lisa for the teasers. Most of them made me restless. I can't wait to get my hands on the book. =D

  4. O_O
    Absolutely diabolical! You've been hanging out wit Luc too much.

  5. So glad you decided to include pictures!